Prince's Farewell Full Moon


"A strong spirit transcends rules."

The Scorpio Full Moon was exact this morning April 22 at 1:23 am with the Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio and the Sun opposing at 2 degrees Taurus.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and transformation so it's poignant that our beloved Prince departed to the land of the ancestors at this time.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern). Both planets stationed retrograde less than a week ago (read about Mars rx and Pluto rx) and rule Prince's chart.

The Scorpio Full Moon fell right on his natal Neptune and 2 degrees from his North Node of Destiny, both in Scorpio in the 12th house creating a personal eclipse affect for him. In March, Saturn -- Lord Karma -- stationed retrograde opposite his natal Gemini Sun, an indication of the suppression of life force.

It's as if Lord Karma, the ancestors and angels gathered at the portal of the retrogrades to welcome his as he soul was beckoned home.

When we look back at his life and career -- what we know of it at least -- he seems like he was born for a special destiny.

And indeed he was.

From his birthchart, we see that Mars -- traditional ruler of his Ascendant -- was at 0 Aries, the "Aries Point" which begins the zodiac. To have Mars in it's rulership there at the most significant degree of the zodiac is an indication of someone with passion, will and directness that can make an impact on the world. Pluto -- the modern ruler of his AC -- was conjunct his Midheaven at the anaretic degree of 29 Leo, suggesting urgency and power to be expressed in the outer world through career or public image.

This is someone who had daring to express himself. Even though his Moon-Mercury square indicated he could be overly sensitive, distrustful and even shy with others, still -- he dared to play big and leave it all on the stage.

I didn't have the pleasure to see Prince in concert, but I do have my own Prince story. In the mid-90's as a college student I had a weekend gig as a cigarette girl at his nightclub in South Beach Miami called Glam Slam.

On my first night all dolled up in costume, I was taken upstairs to his 'lair' for his aesthetic approval. He spoke softly and was surprisingly tiny but had a powerful presence.

I never saw him again after that. He apparently would visit now and then but mostly stayed in his private area upstairs where he could look down on his 'court' and witness the dancing and debauchery from above (so very Scorpio of him). But the nights when we heard that "Prince was in the house" there was a palpable sense of exhilaration in the air.

What I'm thankful for, is that the world was able to witness this being in all his glory. Even his struggles, insecurities, frustrations and failures we can now see as being part of the whole of who he was.

He showed us how much our spirits truly crave fantasy, sensuality, and excellence.

The truth is, every being is unique, special and worthy of being cherished. But when we see someone like Prince who took full advantage of his time on Earth -- as if 'Earth School' were a stage to be performed on itself -- it's such an honor to have witnessed this life.

It takes your breath away.

Thank you, Prince for showing us what it means to follow your calling and give life your best.

Prince has left the building, but the legacy of his strong spirit lives on.