Princess Beatrice's Hat: Worst Ever? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Worst Hat Ever?

Headgear is mandatory at all British functions -- especially at a good royal wedding.

And there have plenty of outrageous hats at Windsor family gatherings over the years, but as Gawker points out, few are quite as meme-worthy as the Princess Beatrice's hat at the royal wedding. It even has its own Facebook page with over 22,000 likes.

There's also a Tumblr keeping it going, with different photoshopped images of the redhead and her accessory. The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York has sported a number of questionable hats over the years, but this one may have taken the sartorial cake.

But what did you think? Scroll down for the poll.

From The Front (AP):

In The Car (AP):

Stepping Out (AP):

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