Princess Charlene Oscars Appearance Actually Happened! (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Princess Charlene Went To The Oscars!

ZOMG -- royals at the Oscars!

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II, our favorite royals from Monaco, made a Page Six rumor come true when they walked the Oscars 2012 red carpet.

Sources said they were "hoping to attend" the awards show, speculation made more likely given that they've already made at least one U.S. visit since marrying and were set to visit the "Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco" exhibit in Los Angeles the Saturday before.

And indeed they did! After checking out the exhibit honoring Prince Albert II's mother, Grace Kelly, the royal couple hit the Academy Awards. The prince wore a traditional tux with his signature, wire-rimmed glasses (a style we wish he'd upgrade...) but Charlene upped the glamour ante in a high-necked white gown.

The micro-pleated skirt was stunning, we thought, but we were iffy on the mesh top and turtleneck. For a woman who already looks uncomfortable most of the time, Princess Charlene's constricting top was a strange choice.

Check out the royal couple below -- did you like Charlene's dress?

UPDATE: As you might've guessed, Char is wearing her favorite designer, Akris.

Princess Charlene at the Oscars

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