'Princess Cyd' Tells A Queer Coming-Of-Age Story Across One Enlightening Summer

The indie gem opens in theaters in November.

Enlightening summers are one of cinema’s great traditions. Before the year’s end, sparks of sunny queer romance will arrive in two coming-of-age gems: the ’80s dreamboat “Call Me by Your Name” and the contemporary sparkler “Princess Cyd.”

HuffPost has the exclusive trailer for the latter movie, which revolves around the titular 16-year-old (Jessie Pinnick), an athlete whose mother died when she was young. Cyd escapes her depressive single father for a summer with her aunt (Rebecca Spence), a well-known Chicago novelist who encourages Cyd to explore a fling with an androgynous barista about town (Malic White). As in the heralded “Call Me by Your Name,” sexuality in “Princess Cyd” is a free-flowing development, rippling against the agony and ecstasy of youthful self-discovery. 

The latest film from writer-director Stephen Cone (“Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party”), “Princess Cyd” opens Nov. 3 in New York and Chicago, and Dec. 1 in Los Angeles. 



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