Princess Diana's Early Letters & Christmas Cards Expected To Fetch More Than $30,000 At Auction (VIDEO)

Never-Before-Seen Letters Sent By Diana To Be Auctioned

A series of letters and Christmas cards written by Princess Diana after her wedding and around the time of her children's birth are set to be auctioned on June 21 in England, "Good Morning America" reports. They're expected to fetch more than $30,000.

The correspondence was sent to Diana's friend and onetime coworker Margaret Hodge. Some excerpts:

  • "Just a cosy nest for Mr. and Mrs. Wales to roost," the Princess of Wales wrote of Highgrove, the new home she shared with Prince Charles shortly after their lavish royal wedding.
  • "I've vanished down many a hole," she wrote, of falling down rabbit holes during [her and Charles' honeymoon] walks together. "The husband having not realised -- typical."
  • When William was born, Diana described to Hodge the maternal experience of, "Looking strangely besotted at this small package making strange gaga noises."

Hodge is selling the keepsakes reluctantly because she wants some comfort in her old age.


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