Princess Diana's Pregnancy: A Sneak Peek At Royal Maternity Style! (PHOTOS)

Taking notes, Kate Middleton?

When Princess Diana was carrying Prince William back in 1981, the 20-year-old was certainly well-aware of the immense excitement that took hold of Britain.

"I felt the whole country was in labor with me," she later told Martin Bashir on "Panorama" in 1995.

Fortunately, the anticipation was alleviated by -- what else? -- Diana's iconic sense of style. Despite taking on a new role as wife, mother-to-be and royal in the span of a year, the Princess of Wales didn't let up in the fashion department, stepping out in her signature '80s pastels, detailed coats and ornate hats. By the time she was pregnant with Harry in 1984, Di was rocking satin ball gowns and even tiaras. *sigh*

We can only imagine that Kate Middleton is feeling the same sense of palpable excitement that Diana felt now that her pregnancy has taken the media by storm. In the 12 weeks (give or take) that she's been with child, the Duchess of Cambridge has definitely been turning it out -- in repeated looks from her pre-pregnancy days, no less.

As the public waits with bated breath for the duchess to make a post-baby-announcement appearance, we're taking a look back at Princess Diana's currently unmatched maternity style. Taking notes, Kate?

March 1982

Maternity Style

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