Princess Diana And Prince Charles Both Messed Up Their Wedding Vows

The jitters are real, and they come for everyone.

Wedding day jitters are natural, whether you have to keep your composure in front of a few dozen guests or 750,000,000 and Queen Elizabeth II.

Cosmopolitan U.K. recently resurfaced a blunder made by Princess Diana as she recited her vows to Prince Charles at their 1981 wedding. Instead of calling him Charles Phillip Arthur George, she swapped his first two names, referring to him instead as Phillip Charles Arthur George ― despite both Charles and the officiant just having recited it correctly (and, you know, it being her husband’s name).

In Diana’s defense, four names is a lot to remember. And Charles didn’t get through the widely watched fairytale event clean, either: According to the BBC, he vowed to endow “thy goods,” rather than “my worldly goods.”

Neither mistake is a big deal, but they are humanizing moments we can’t help but revisit. They’re a good reminder that nerves get to everyone, and there’s no such thing as a flawless wedding day, anyway.

Plus, we never thought Diana would have something in common with the likes of Ross Gellar, who named the wrong woman in his vows, or Jessica Simpson, who reportedly said her own name instead of husband Eric Johnson’s.

Consider this a friendly reminder that even princesses of both the British and pop persuasion have made totally relatable wedding day mistakes.

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