Princess Isabella, Denmark's Adorable Little Royal, Turns 5 (PHOTOS)

Princess Isabella is so cool. Proof: did you get your own photo shoot for your 5th birthday?

Isabella, the daughter of Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, the Australian-born Crown Princess Mary, poses for her birthday portraits (she turns 5 on Saturday) in what we're deeming a tot-sized "hipster" outfit. The owl sweater, the scrunchie (ironic hair accessory?), skinny pants and boots? She could double for the princess of Brooklyn.

Isabella is sister to Christian, who's 6 (and who's had his own very cute photo shoot), as well as the family's two-year-old twins Vincent and Josephine.

The wee princess is third in line to the Danish throne, after her father and brother Christian.

Happy birthday, Isabella! Check out the princess' birthday photos and some adorable pics in the life of Denmark's little royal below.

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