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Princess Laurentien's Hair Sets Her Apart From Her Fellow Royals (PHOTOS)

Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands leads a pretty fascinating life. For one, she's married to Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, which means she gets to wear the best designers and go to the fanciest royal events. She also gets to ride Segways (check out the pic in the slideshow). And she gets to hang out with her stylish sister-in-law, Queen Maxima, all the time!

But one thing that sets Princess Laurentien apart from all the other glorious royals is her unique hair. Instead of opting for standard long locks like Maxima and Kate Middleton, Princess Laurentien rocks an edgy cropped cut. Whether she's accessorizing with earrings, tiaras, (really interesting) fascinators or just keeping it natural, her hair always adds that extra touch of cool.

In honor of her birthday on May 25, we're looking back at her trend-setting hair and style. Don't you think her cut is a perfect summer hair choice?

Princess Laurentien Of The Netherlands' Great Hair

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