Princess Madeleine's Engagement Picture: Too Similar To Prince William And Kate's? (PHOTOS)

Probably our favorite thing here at HuffPost Style is a good royal wedding, closely followed by a good royal engagement (they tend to go hand in hand). So hooray for Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who recently got engaged to her New Yorker fiance Christopher O'Neill. But as the Daily Mail has pointed out, there's something a bit strange about Madeleine and Chris' new engagement photos: they look a lot like another famous royal couple's.

In an official photo shot by Patrick Demarchelier, Princess Madeleine and Chris are seen embracing with Chris on the left and Madeleine on the right. She's in white, her brown hair is down and her left hand -- with her engagement ring positioned prominently -- rests on her fiance's shoulder.

So yeah, it's basically just like Prince William and Kate's engagement photo. The main differences are that the British royal couple featured two smiling faces instead of one and it was shot in color by Mario Testino. Which is totally fine -- many engaged couples have similarly lovey-dovey pictures. But you'd think that Patrick (yes, that Patrick) would want to differentiate himself and his work from one of Testino's most famous photographs, non?

Check out the two photos and tell us: do you think they're too similar?


princess madeleine engagement

princess madeleine engagment

See the Swedish princess' glamorous style:

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

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