Mom Leaves Kids In Car To Perform Oral Sex On Boyfriend: Cops

She really blew it this time.

A Louisiana woman faces child desertion charges after deputies said she admitted leaving her children unattended in her parked car while she performed oral sex on her boyfriend in his car, according to KBMT.

Police were called to the scene after someone reported the kids, ages 5 and 7, alone in the car around midnight. Calcasieu Parish deputies found Princess Marks, 25, of Lake Charles, in her boyfriend's car nearby.

Marks told deputies that she was unable to see the children or her SUV from her boyfriend’s vehicle. She was arrested and later released on $5,000.

Her children were placed in the care of other family members.

Marks isn't the only woman who has gotten in trouble for flagrantly shirking her responsibilities as a mother this year.

In May, a Kentucky woman was arrested after she allegedly left her kids in a hot car while she went to get a Brazilian wax.

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Questionable Parenting