Princess Mary Of Denmark Debuts Newborn Twins (PHOTOS)

Princess Mary of Denmark showed off her newborn twins at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen on Friday. She gave birth to the babies -- a boy and a girl -- last Saturday morning.

Although her husband, Prince Frederik, joked about calling the little prince Elvis, the twins' names won't be publicly announced until their christening in several months. According to Australia's Daily Telegraph, "An internet poll of more than 13,700 Danes found Harald, Gorm, Sven or Knud were preferred names for the Prince, while Caroline, Sophie, Louise or Charlotte were favorites for the Princess."

When asked if she plans to have any other children, Mary responded, "We have our hands full right now." The couple also has two toddlers: Prince Christian, 5, and Princess Isabella, 3.

And now, without further ado: pictures of ROYAL BABIES!