There's No Winner When Katniss Takes On Hermione In 'Princess Rap Battle'

It's not really a princess rap battle if neither competitor is a princess.

In the past, Snow White took on Elsa, Princess Leia duked it out with Galadriel and Cinderella verbally sparred with Belle. But the latest addition to Whitney Avalon's "Princess Rap Battle" series is inherently flawed since neither Katniss Everdeen nor Hermione Granger are princesses.

What's more, it feels strange to pit two of our favorite heroines against one another, with lines like, "So sick of your schtick, all I do is win, ya nitpick/ That’s why I’m the hero and you’re just a sidekick," when we all know that Hermione is the true protagonist in the "Harry Potter" series. 

Avalon plays the "Hunger Games" hero, while "Castle" star Molly C. Quinn spits verses as Hermione, but unlike past videos it feels like they both lost this one. 

Although, there's really no arguing with Hermione when she raps this:

How does it help the poor to start a civil war?/Your story’s a bore, why don’t you plagiarize more?/ It’s been done before, ask Dumbledore/It’s Battle Royale set in 1984/ And furthermore if you’re keeping score that’s five more points for GRYFFINDOR!

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