Princess Superstar's 'I'm A Firecracker' Video Brings Twerking To Times Square (EXCLUSIVE)

On any given day, you are guaranteed to see some weird stuff happening in Times Square. One afternoon, you just might see Kenny G playing a "Titanic" classic on top of a toilet paper castle. On the next, you might see the pop artist Princess Superstar and her two friends twerking in the middle of the street. Because, you know, why not?

Superstar, the project of Concetta Kirschner, is preparing to release her new EP, "I'm A Firecracker," her first new batch of recordings in nearly five years. To show fans that she is as wild and irreverent as ever, Kirschner is exclusively premiering the new video of the title track with HuffPost Entertainment. Continuing Kirschner's blend of hip-hop and electronic elements, quick rhymes are paired with whacked-out visuals, the outcome too humorous and absurd not to share.

“This video was inspired by all things B: Banksy, Beyonce's 'Single Ladies,' Being a Bad Bitch," Kirschner told HuffPost Entertainment. "The process was both fun and cray. We didn't have a permit to shoot in Times Square and almost got shut down by the cops," she said. "Also, I wanted a dance sequence but one problem: I am not a dancer. In my new reality show, 'I Love Princess Superstar,' you can see me rehearsing and basically falling over many times.

"The animation and editing was done by Haterz who are out of Portugal but it was shot in New York. I love worldwide collaborations. It was styled by House of Diehl and that's where the Banksy comes in -- I wanted to comment on our over consumerism as a culture. I think this was achieved by us being covered in logos and me in a dress made of dry-cleaning hangers. Also, the universe pitched in when we were shooting in front of a McDonalds -- the billboard above it suddenly burst into a movie of flames. This is my favorite video I've made to date!”

Princess Superstar's "I'm A Firecracker" EP is out July 15 via Instant Records. You can purchase the title track single on iTunes now.

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