'Princesses: Long Island': Ashlee Calls Her Mom Crying About The 'Mean' Girls (VIDEO)

"Princesses: Long Island" featured perhaps the most epic emotional breakdown yet on reality television. The girls gathered at a vineyard for a nice, relaxing day together. But mixing wine and these women doesn't create relaxation. It creates drama.

Ashlee decided to confront Joey about being mean to her, which led to Ashlee discovering that Erica -- her supposed friend -- had actually lied to her. Suddenly, it all became too much for 30-year-old Ashlee, who ran from the ensuing fight and called her mommy.


“They, they were so mean to me," she stammered to her mother between sobs on the phone. "Mom, they were yelling at me so much.”

Ashlee's mother was sympathetic to her daughter's woes, and even at one point seemed ready to get a jet to bring her home.

“I knew I shouldn’t have gone. I knew I shouldn’t have gone! I knew I shouldn’t have gone!" Ashlee lamented on the phone, culminating in, “Mom ... help ... me.” It was bizarre enough as it stands, but knowing that Ashlee is 30 years old and living at home made the whole scene even more awkward.

And it didn't end there. The drama continued on Twitter, with Ashlee attacking Erica, and Erica telling Ashlee to grow up and to pick up the phone if she really wanted to work things out. And yet, Erica was tweeting more than Ashlee, so she clearly wasn't picking up the phone herself.

Ilana Engel of the Jewish Journal was mesmerized by the women's antics. “I know it is a horrible situation, but boy oh boy is it good," she wrote. " They are imploding and I am thrilled. Maybe this will be enough to get this show cancelled.”

If anything, this kind of behavior will ensure the show a long and healthy run. That's how reality television works these days, after all. The insanity continues on "Princesses: Long Island" every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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