Principles to Gain Wisdom & Success

Success is not a mystery. It is actually the result of learning and applying the principles of wisdom.

Success is predictable. So is failure.

The applying of certain principles will always result in success. The refusal to apply those principles will always result in failure. Some people complain about this. They do not think it is fair. Why does life seem to always work in favor of some people, while at the same time, it seems to always work against some?

I am not speaking of those who walk in wickedness in order to get ahead in life. Wickedness may look as if it is the way to go. But remember this: practicing wickedness and evil doings in order to get ahead in life will at some point always produce destruction, misery and regret, and in many cases, an early death. Whatever a person does and persist in, will always come back to or at that person. You and I cannot escape the fact that there is an all-seeing, all knowing and all-powerful God, Who sees all, knows all and will judge all.

In order for things to end right, they must start right. And if you are truly going to experience success in every area of your life, you will have to apply the laws which govern success persistently. One thing that is note-worthy is the fact that success is actually traceable. In other words, if we can determine what those who live by these godly principles of success practice, we can likewise practice the same, and experience success as well. If the principles work for them, they can and will work for us.

Here are a few things you can do to better your life:

1. Become a reader.
Most of us may never get close enough to truly successful people to get personal mentorship from them. But many of these people have written the principles which they live by in books. So, get their books and read them. Use a pen and underline the principles which stand out to you. Use a high-lighter and high-light what strikes a note in your soul. But become a consistent reader. It will do you good.

2. Don't procrastinate. Apply what you learn.
This is probably one of the hardest things for people to learn. Just reading and agreeing with a person of wisdom will never change your life. Application of the principles is what causes life-transformation. Noting happens without action, absolutely nothing. You may read that if you exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, it will change your life physically. You may even attend a meeting about weight loss. But without action, you will not lose weight. Knowledge is not enough. You may hear about the importance of saving at least ten to twenty percent of your income, in order to increase your financial status, but financial increase and stability will never become a reality until you do this principle. Again, knowledge alone is not enough. People are not destroyed for just a lack of knowledge. Most people are destroyed for a refusal to apply the knowledge that is available. Don't let this become your status. Read. Read. Read. Then apply what you read and learn. Take action immediately. And soon you will see the results of such actions.

3. Be persistent.
Understand that things may not appear to change over-night. So keep at it. Principles work.

4. Read your Holy Bible.
God's Word, The Holy Bible is a must in order to attain true and lasting success. It prepares you not just for this life, but for the life to come as well. If your success is just in this life, and you are not prepared for the life after this one, then you really are a failure. You just don't know it yet. To gain all the riches in the world, in this life, while having no assurance of your state and position in the next, really and ultimately makes you a failure waiting to happen. So ensure that while you are gaining in this life, you are prepared for the next as well. The Bible will help you with that.