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Why We'll Never Be Able To Let Our Beloved Magazines Go

The magazine industry is on the decline, as anyone who's seen their monthly issues grow thinner and thinner knows. Thanks a lot, Internet.

But much as we love style blogs, GIF lists, Pinterest boards and Instagram filters, we've still got a soft spot in our hearts for print magazines. The excitement of opening the mail box and finding that glossy waiting for you, the impossibly glamorous stars staring back at you from the cover, the obsessive act of reading and re-reading and re-reading every article, the careful tears you made as you ripped out the pretty shoots and ads to hang on your bedroom wall -- sorry, but none of that can be had from the Internet.

Here are the magazines we've held onto and still cherish after all these years.

Teen Vogue, February 2006

gemma ward cover

Michelle Persad, associate fashion editor: "I was obsessed with a pair of lavender Tsubi jeans she wore in the editorial. I think I even eBayed a copy of the magazine after I spilled water on the original."

Sassy, April 1992

sassy cover

Anya Strzemien, executive lifestyle editor of HuffPost Live: "Sassy Sassy Sassy! Specifically the Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love cover of Sassy..."

Vanity Fair, April 1996

vf 1996

Kate Auletta, senior travel editor: "LEO!!!"

YM September, 2003


Michelle Persad, associate fashion editor: "I'm pretty sure I got a tank top with my initials on it after the fact."

Playboy, September 1962


Dana Oliver, senior beauty editor: "I love the fun cover, and it also has an amazing Miles Davis interview (my dad in my head)."

Rolling Stone, April 1996

rolling stone

Brie Dyas, senior home editor: "This was the cover that made Gavin Rossdale every teen girl's crush."

Teen Vogue, Fall 2000

j simps nick lachey

Ellie Krupnick, senior style editor: "Jessica just looked so effortlessly pretty, and Nick was the hottest thing since, well, Nick Carter. This issue got me hooked on Teen Vogue for good."

Vibe Vixen, Holiday 2006:

vibe vixen

Dana Oliver, senior beauty editor: "My first internship was at Vibe magazine when they were getting Vibe Vixen (the sister mag) off the ground. I kept all my free copies, including this one of Kelis rocking bejeweled lips before anyone did it."

BOP, May 1998 and December 1997

bop magazine

Leigh Blickley, celebrity editor: "#HansonObsessed"

Essence, May 2004


Dana Oliver, senior beauty editor: "Two of my style icons/mother and daughter on one cover? Yes!"

Seventeen, November 1992 and June 1996

liv tyler

Brie Dyas, senior home editor: "I think I still have the 1996 one at my parents' house."

Entertainment Weekly, January 1997

ek friends

Kate Auletta, senior travel editor: "I'm a total nerd and went berserk for 'Friends' when it came out and literally tore out all the pages of Matthew Perry from People, EW, you name it. I had him over my entire wall (ah, to be a pre-teen with must-see TV...). I could definitely still pick those pictures out of a lineup."

Suede, Winter 2004

suede eve cover

Dana Oliver, senior beauty editor: "Suede was fresh, fashionable and forward. Too bad it's now defunct."

Vogue, September 2004


Rebecca Adams, style editor: "This September issue of Vogue was epic and I held onto it until I left for college."

Seventeen, September 1997

reese on seventeen

Brie Dyas, senior home editor: "Basically, every girl wanted to be Reese Witherspoon -- and this was before 'Legally Blonde.'"

Teen People, November 1999

teen people

Katelyn Mullen, travel editor: "Teen People with Jennifer Love Hewitt sticks out so hard in my head."

Mary-Kate and Ashley Magazine, August/September, 2001

mary kate covers

Madeline Boardman, entertainment editor: "Mary-Kate and Ashley Magazine (R.I.P.) because, duh. I can write thousands of words on that mag."

People, July 1996


Katelyn Mullen, travel editor: "The People that was all about Prince William, July, 1996... I actually remember the outfit I was wearing when I bought it at the Shop Rite with my mom."

Entertainment Weekly, December 2003


Emma Gray, senior women editor: "I mean... Seth Cohen 4 Lyfe."

Vanity Fair, July 2003

vf teen cover

Rebecca Adams, style editor: "I was obsessed with this cover."
Emma Gray, senior women editor, and Madeline Boardman, entertainment editor: "This 2003 Vanity Fair 'It's Totally Raining Teens' needs a shout-out..."
Lauren Duca, associate entertainment editor: "NEVER FORGET."

A look back in history:

Vintage Vogue Covers

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