Prioritizing: Make Your Next Move Your Best Move

This blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Malon Murphy from Howard University.

Priorities. They used to be a thing your parent's raged about, ramming it you're your head that you do what you have to do before you do what you want to do. Now priorities are your life. They are your current circumstances. They are not something to be poked with a stick from afar but something to be faced head on and strategically. Prioritizing is the engine that propels you to your goals. So how can you make your next move your best move?

1. Number one rule: Think Big Picture. We are the Millennials--the microwave generation. We want it quick, fast, in a hurry. Unfortunately priorities don't always provide instant gratification. You may want to go out drinking with friends but in reality a drinking binge does not go well with all the work you have to catch up on and your 8:00 am wake up time. Priorities require that you weigh your options. Some things are not worth the consequences you will suffer. Learn to think thoroughly and strategically when decision-making.

2. Write it Down Write down the things you need to get done. Procrastination is a seductive liar that whispers in your ear to take a nap instead of starting on your lengthy to do list. Don't be led astray by this siren! The day will happen whether you utilize it or not. Making a list at the beginning of the week of the things you need to accomplish will help you tremendously. Seeing things visually makes them more concrete and helps you to stay organized. It also puts a time frame on things. Telling yourself you can finish your paper sometime this week is less motivating than telling yourself you have to have your assignment done by Wednesday and edited by Thursday if you want to attend that party on Friday.

3. Discern and Execute The definition of priority implies that one thing is more important than another. As stated earlier everyone has things they could be doing but what should you be doing? You have to decide what is the most beneficial to you in the long run and devote your complete energy to it. If you have an assignment, job, or internship that can potentially help your personal brand you need to go into putting forth your best efforts. Now, does that mean you let your other priorities fall to the wayside? No way! That means you get better at planning. You may knock out all the small things first then tackle your larger projects. You may be a person who needs to be completely devoted to one project at a time, or you may be able to adequately multi task. Figure out what makes you tick and act accordingly.

College can be a stressful time. It seems like a heightened experience where you are thrust into campus life, academia, and personal endeavors. It can be overwhelming. I have good news and bad news for you: The bad news is that it doesn't get much easier; the good news is that you get better at handling it. Prioritizing helps you to make your next move your best move. It allows you to remain balanced and give your energy to the most important and pressing matters. Prioritizing is investing in you. It is insurance, it is capital in your brand, and whether you like it or not it's your reality.

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