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Prioritizing Your Dreams

It is because of my decision to have it all, that All is included in the thoughts that come to mind regarding my life, children, career, money, etc., as I continue with my nightly meditations.
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head puzzle on smartphone shows ...


I use to think that you should prioritize your dreams solely based on what may be bothering you the most or based on whatever seems to be at the forefront of your mind on a regular basis.

I cannot claim that there is a specific way that anyone should go about prioritizing your dreams because each person is individual however, I just recently learned a different way of making sure that you are "covering all the bases" so to speak.

You see, I am someone who believes that you can have it all, whatever All may mean to you and your family.

The All is for you to determine, not society or any other outside influence.

It is because of my decision to have it all, that All is included in the thoughts that come to mind regarding my life, children, career, money, etc., as I continue with my nightly meditations.

But how do you prioritize everything when All includes a lot!

Just recently, while I was in between sleep and consciousness, the answers came to me in the form of images and associated feeling, so that my body could actually register the difference between what I was thinking in that very moment, and the immediate shift that took place when I became fully aligned with what I actually desire vs. what I was compromising.

Let me explain further.

There is a complete difference between what we actually want...what we desire in the depths of our being and what we "think we should desire."

What we think we should desire, comes from comparing ourselves to the people around us and/or your perceptions of what society will and won't accept from you and about you.

These thoughts are mostly made up in your mind because for the most part, people are thinking about and concerned with themselves, and really not thinking about you at all.

But once you have convinced yourself that people are paying closer attention than they really are, the tendency to live the rest of your life making decisions accordingly, is why so many end of compromising what they really desire without being consciously aware of having made this decision.

What I learned.

While in between sleep and consciousness, it seems that I was a lot more willing and accepting of what I was about to experience.

I am a student of, and have taught in my podcasts, part of what I am about to share.

I love when I become my own student, realizing the same exact words that I have taught to others.

The tool is called auto-suggestion: The Power of Intention- Auto-Suggestion In Your Sleep.

What I learned, continued.

A thought would come to me in the form of images, conversation, etc., allowing me to be aware that this was an area I desired to create change or see differently. (Each individual will have their own experiences differently).

At the same time I was able to feel my way to my core desire which was already in of me, just waiting to be noticed and given expression by me.

When I could feel my core desires as related to the images, an alignment took place between my feelings, core desires and the particular images.

The images began to change in the way I desired them to go, signifying that these images had been met with my new associated feelings.

This explains what I mean by being able to have it all, and with regard to prioritizing your dreams.

More images, simply came to me once the "alignment process' was complete with the proceeding images, but not in any specific order except what possibly was in my heart on an unconscious level at the time.

Prioritizing was not something I needed to consciously concern myself with.

The process continued for what seemed like a short time, yet it was actually a couple of hours.

What does all of this mean?

For me, it means that what I once accepted as truth or the norm of my life, I am now ready to accept and create the changes I desire to create from my core, without compromise in the particular areas that were brought to my attention.

How do you know that you have compromised what you really desire?

There are various indicators of this: feeling like your going in circles, frustration, changing your mind frequently, looking to others for validation, and noticing that your dreams are not coming true are a few.

What I mean by this is there may be a lack of true alignment with what you say you desire, your core desire and your understanding of it.

This may take some time to identify mainly because you need to be ready to accept that there has been a difference between what you actually desire and what you have been compromising.

When you learn to separate the difference between what you actually desire vs. what you think you should desire, you open yourself new worlds of opportunities from within yourself.

Prioritizing your dreams may not be as much of the issue, as realizing the difference between what you actually desire vs. what you think you should desire.

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