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Prison Yoga: Former Inmate Bryan Shulls Says Yoga Helped Him Grow

It's no surprise that the ancient art of yoga has penetrated into mainstream culture -- you can really do it anywhere. Now, prison yoga -- exactly what it sounds -- is starting to infiltrate facilities around the country, with at least 20 institutions offering the mental, physical and spiritual practice through the Prison Yoga Project.

Prison is "a loud, chaotic, stressful, anxiety-provoking environment," said Dr. Holly Harner in the full HuffPost Live segment, "Prison Yoga." The practice has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety while improving feelings of loneliness, as well as other mental health conditions.

Former inmate Bryan Shulls told HuffPost Live that in prison yoga became "something that I could do everyday to [...] become more in touch with myself physically and clear my mind." Learn more about his story in the video above, and see HuffPost Live's full segment on Prison Yoga below.

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