'Private Practice' Finale: Weddings, Books And Happy Endings For Everyone (VIDEO)

After six seasons, it was time to say goodbye to "Private Practice." And after plenty of ups and downs and struggles along the way, Addison finally got her "happily ever after" in a simple, yet elegant ceremony in which Addison and Jake shared vows. In fact, happiness pervaded throughout the episode, despite the advancement of Miranda's cancer.

Sheldon quit his job and demanded that she allow him to stay by her side until the end. Despite her stubborn streak, she acquiesced. So even though it will be a sad ending, there was still happiness for the couple that they would be able to spend whatever time she has left enjoying life to the fullest.

Naomi and Sam certainly enjoyed Addison's wedding night, stealing away for a late-night rendezvous. Thirteen weeks later, the results of that tryst were gestating in Naomi's womb, and she was terrified to tell Sam. Sam had a girlfriend, after all. But that didn't stop Addison.

She didn't tell Sam about the pregnancy, but just how much she knew Naomi loved him. That was enough for Sam to break off his relationship and seek Naomi out. She thought he was choosing her for the baby, but he hadn't known until she spilled it in their encounter that she was pregnant. What she didn't expect was for him to embrace both her and their coming child.

And so Naomi and Sam got their own happy ending in the form of the second wedding of the hour. The episode ended with the completion of Violet's latest book, which is the story of all of them. She's decided to call the book "Private Practice." And thus the show ended with a final scene where the cast debated whether or not that name sucks. How fitting.

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