Bird Speaks Out On Squirrel Mug Shot

A famous Internet bird personality has weighed in on a Michigan police department’s use of a squirrel mug shot.

The Shelby Township Police Department posted the image on Facebook Tuesday as a cute way of drawing attention to the theft of a semi-tractor and trailer loaded with about 28,000 pounds of nuts.

***Cargo Theft***Late last week a semi-tractor and loaded trailer were stolen from the area of Auburn and Ryan. The...

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The post clarifies that officers don’t actually believe a squirrel was behind the thefts. However, Bird Bird, the self-described bird behind the popular Twitter account @ProBirdRights, believes associating squirrels with criminals is a good thing. Bird’s human handler sent Bird’s official statement on the subject to The Huffington Post:

I say it about time police wise up to the squirrel menace. They am stealing our seeds. Hello it called a BIRD feeder not a SQUIRREL GUVERMENT HANDOUT STATION????

Twitter squirrel @common_squirrel has not responded to a request for comment.

Community Resource Officer Leslie Heisler told HuffPost that there have been no new developments on the nut theft since Tuesday. On the bright side, no one has called in reporting squirrels, either.



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