What Bothers Americans Most About Pro Football? Not The Danger

Americans' priorities, in one chart.

For all we've heard about the dangers of football, for all we've heard about the fears of parents whose children want to play the game, when it comes down to it, what really bothers Americans about professional football?

It's not really safety issues, or the inherent violence, or the potential for brain damage. It's that these damn players just don't love the game enough.

According to a new poll out of the Public Religion Research Institute, what bothers Americans about pro football more than anything else is that "Players care more about money than the game." To which we say: Really?

Thirty-two percent of people chose that answer. The next most common answer was "Players are poor role models," at 21 percent (fair enough). Then, in a distant third, the issue of violence, at 17 percent, followed by nothing at all (8 percent) and that the sport "encourages negative treatment of women" (7 percent).

Oh, and the issue of concussions and brain injury? That pulled in just two percent of the vote. 

What this says about American priorities is up to you to decide, because this is all too much for us to even take in. 


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