Peter LaBarbera Bashes Pro-Gay Christians For 'Same Sex-Marriage Tsunami'

LISTEN: Pro-Gay Christians Are Agents Of Satan, Pundit Claims

The president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality made some shocking claims this week about practicing Christians who have decided to embrace lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals: you're doing the work of the devil.

Appearing on "Crosstalk" yesterday for a show titled "Same-Sex Marriage Tsunami," Peter LaBarbera informed host Vic Eliason that Christians embracing LGBT-identifying individuals are engaged in an “insidious lie... straight from Satan’s talking points."

Eliason also chimed in with an interesting perspective about the Internet slang "OMG," telling listeners that using the phrase is not only a curse against God but contributing to the corruption of American youth. Have a listen below:

LaBarbera has long been an outspoken anti-gay pundit, having previously called the HIV/AIDS epidemic symptomatic of the "content of character" for gay and lesbian individuals, stating, "it's perfectly appropriate to discriminate against immoral conduct." LaBarbera also ever-so-eloquently stated that the idea of gays and lesbian consummating their marriage can only make him think of one word: "Yuck."

His claims echo those of Rick Santorum last month at the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference, where the former Republican presidential candidate not only blasted same-sex marriage, but said GOP support of LGBT issues would doom our nation.

Santorum reportedly stated, "For the Republican party to even contemplate going along with this is the destruction of our republic." The statement came shortly after he cited the sitcom "Will and Grace" as the starting point for the normalization of same-sex attraction in America.

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