Pro-Hillary Hashtag Backfires Spectacularly On Twitter

#HillarySoQualified was intended to tout the presidential candidate's capabilities, but people began using it ironically.

A Hillary Clinton supporter felt the burn of Twitter after trying to to tout the Democratic presidential front-runner's White House qualifications on Wednesday night.

Kim Frederick got riled up at Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after he told supporters in Philadelphia on Wednesday that he doesn't think his rival is qualified for the job. So she decided to flaunt the former Secretary of State's achievements using the hashtag #HillarySoQualified.

“I was livid,” Frederick told The Washington Post. “Just beyond fiercely angry about this, and I could barely control myself. Even talking about it now gets me worked up.”

Here are a few of Frederick's tweets:

Others then chimed in:

Until people began using the hashtag to air out their grievances with Clinton:

Many pro-Sanders Twitter accounts got involved, too:

The trending hashtag did, however, rake in 114,000 tweets by Thursday morning.



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