New Mexico Restaurant Tells Its Customers 'Immigrants Make America Great'

The response from its patrons has been wildly positive.
03/16/2017 10:39am ET

A New Mexico-based restaurant is printing a pro-immigrant message on the bottom of its receipts to support its staff, make a statement and help actually make America great again.

Bottom of receipt from Plaza Cafe Southside that reads, "Immigrants make America great! They also cooked your food and served you today."

Santa Fe’s Plaza Café Southside added this note to the bottom of its receipts: “Immigrants make America great! They also cooked your food and served you today.” This small message is a significant stance in the state of New Mexico, which is at the center of the immigration debate.

General manager Belinda Marshall told Grubstreet that they wanted to give “credit where credit is due.” They were inspired by Chef Mark Simmons’ message printed at the bottom of his Brooklyn restaurant Kiwiana’s receipt. Marshall told Grubstreet she was nervous that her restaurant might get some backlash from the message, but so far the response has been nothing but positive.

One thing we’ve learned in this current political landscape is that activism can take many forms. It can be as a big a statement as millions participating in the Women’s March. It can come in the form of how a bookstore sets up its window display. And it can be as small as a couple of sentences on a piece of paper. It all makes a difference. And size, even when it comes to Trump’s tiny hands, really doesn’t matter.

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