Pro-Life? 7 Actions Men Can Take Today to Cure Abortion in 12 Weeks

If men guarded their sperm like $100 bills, only sharing it with a trusted, responsible, cherished woman whom they really loved and cared about, abortion would be a non-issue.
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Isn't everyone tired of abortion haggling? Especially listening to men debate whether birth control or abortion ought to be allowed? If you have an hour, refer to my article, The Intelligent Cure for Abortion.

I want to ask men to stop interfering with abortion and birth control access and to rewind 2-3 months before most abortions happen and look in the mirror.

Here are your 7 actions. These steps are for you to do yourself, pass on to your sons and talk about with other men. Stop being friends with, spending time with, doing business with or voting for men who do not follow these actions. Within 3 months of men acting upon these 7 principles, there will likely be more than a 90% decrease in abortions.

7. Make a personal commitment today to stop looking at pornography, stop engaging prostitutes and stop visiting strip clubs. Stop spending your time, money and energy viewing women as sources of self-gratification instead of living, sensitive beings. Pornography makes females more susceptible to sexual violence and poor self-care.

6. Make a personal commitment today to stand against sexual violence, rape and incest.
Stop participating in it, stop doing nothing about it if you hear someone talking, bragging or joking about it. Stop watching movies that promote it and stop tolerating sexual violence in war, in your home or neighborhood.

5. If you are Christian and have strong views, read this Susan B. Anthony essay and make a commitment today to be a better type of Christian husband. Be a gentle man and treat your wife and daughters kindly, not oppressively. Raise a daughter who will take excellent care of herself with men because she is not conditioned to bullying and oppression from you.

4. Make a personal commitment today not to pressure a woman for sex of any kind when she says, "No," "I don't feel well" or "I'm tired." Women who are scared, tired or sick often give in because they feel "badly" about your suffering. Act like man instead of pressuring her.

3. Make a personal commitment today to know a woman for at least 6 months to one year before having intercourse with her.
You will be able to spot the crazies right away. You will like yourself better, have a chance to see if you even like her and may fall in love.

2. Make a personal commitment today not to take advantage of any woman who has been drinking or is impaired.
How much satisfaction can you derive from that? Do you want a future rape charge? If she's impaired, her answer is "No" because she can't consent. Make it your personal commitment not to drink at all for the first several months of dating so you can see who she really is.

1. Make a personal commitment today to stop smooth-talking and lying to women to "get in." Stop talking about meeting her family, marrying her and having children with her to seduce her. Stop pretending to like her. Tell her the truth. "I don't like you, I'm looking for sex and I won't call you afterwards." And, if you are going to have intercourse, use condoms properly. About 94% of abortions are preventable by correct birth control usage.

In summary, if you wouldn't hand over your ATM card and personal financial information to a woman (i.e. if you do not both like her and trust her that much), then you shouldn't have intercourse with her. Because if she gets pregnant, she may a) get an abortion, b) claim she was raped (yes, there are women who lie) or c) sue you for child support (yes, there are women who use pregnancy for financial gain and leverage over a man). None of these options sound like wise investments for a man and they are devastating for the baby carelessly created to satisfy a selfish and controllable urge.

If all men in the United States of all religions made a commitment to the 7 principles above, the demand for abortion would virtually disappear overnight. If men guarded their sperm like $100 bills, only sharing it with a trusted, responsible, cherished woman whom they really loved and cared about, abortion would be a non-issue. The need for abortion would be minimal if men committed to being better human beings and held other men to a higher standard.

Until your circle of male influence and you adhere to these 7 steps consistently, women do not want to hear anything further from you about limiting access to birth control or abortion. Stop pointing the finger at women and focus on cleaning up your side of the street.

If you already take these 7 actions, thank you. We need more men like you.

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