Pro or Con?

Pro or Con?
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If you're looking for a scandalous new scintillating series to sink your TV watching teeth into, Bravo's original series Imposters is the show you have been searching for. This series is set around a love 'em and leave 'em femme fatal, after taking all of their money, con artist that provides twist after twist which captivates, compels and plays on your sense of compassion. You won't want to blink or miss a moment of Imposters because you never know what surprises are in store.

When the series starts we meet Ezra (Rob Heaps), a romantic at heart who is in love with and married to Ava (Inbar Lavi). On his way home from work he tries to make a purchase for his wife and his card is declined. Confused, he returns home and finds his wife is gone and so are all of her things. He also finds a note saying to check out a laptop with a video on it. It's Ava telling him that she is gone and that he should not try to find her. She also reveals there is an envelope with some specific secret information in it that provides her with some "insurance."

Ezra is inconsolable and becomes a wreck. Just when he seems to hit his rock bottom he gets another surprise. It's a knock at his door from Richard (Parker Young), another one of Ava's victims - only he calls her "Alice" instead of “Ava.” The details of her departure are quite similar to what Ezra has just experienced. The two decide to band together and track “Ava/Alice” down and find out both what happened to their money and why she conned them. They set out on the road using little clues that they have pieced together from memories and along the way they start to realize that in order to catch a con, they are going to have to both think and act like her. So, to sharpen their skills they read up on grifting and practice their new found talents in order to fund their road trip. However, their adventure and experiences with “Alice/Ava” could never prepare them for what and who they are led to. The duo stumbles upon another secret life and scorned lover, Jules (Marianne Rendon), who knows “Alice/Ava” as “CeCe.”

While we do get the perspective of the group on their chase, we also get to see Maddie, the real “Ava/Alice/CeCe,” preparing and settling in to her next con job. She's aided by two pros Max (Brian Benben) and Sally (Katherine LaNasa), but when the team gets sloppy reinforcements in the form of Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman) are sent in to remind them you can’t con a con or become distracted from your goal. Maddie makes this fatal mistake when she begins to have real feelings for someone during a job. Unfortunately for Maddie, when things get messy "The Doctor" (the man in charge) orders her to make her new love interest her latest con job.

The show centers around a wicked web of lies and once Maddie sets her sights on her prey she goes in for the kill. You won't just surrender your heart, you'll surrender your bank account, too. The series showcases a catch-me-if-you-can quality with taunting twists that keep you on your toes and on the edge of your couch. Not only are Maddie's mischievous misdeeds wild to watch, you won't want to miss a minute because unraveling her past and how it intertwines with her present makes this series always feel like your head is spinning. Maddie isn't just somebody that they used to love, she is the woman that they can't let go.

Inbar Lavi has this incredible innate ability to instantly draw the audience in with her depth and as Maddie/Ava/Alice/CeCe, we also get treated to so much layered vulnerability in her performances. Vulnerability can be both a weakness and an asset and something Lavi as Maddie quite often uses to her own advantage. Lavi leaves all jaws dropped and you begging for more at the end of every episode. Heaps, Young and Rendon as Ezra, Richard and Jules make the perfect reluctant but quick learning partners in crime. The group dynamic always feels at ease and each one brings something to the table that is an asset. Unknowingly, Maddie has seemingly put together a talented team that is determined to take her down. The one thing that continues to perplex me is why Jules' character has been so shrouded while her male counterparts have at least provided us with plenty of backstory. We have been given certain small hints about Jules, but this power player remains an enigma for now. With only a couple of episodes left, hopefully it will leave just enough time to touch on the foundations of her former relationship with “CeCe” and what secrets may end up being spilled.

Tuesday nights sizzle with new series Imposters and you are not going to want to miss a moment of this compelling con.

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