Pro-Reform Rally In Seattle Ignored By Media

I have personally never been to Seattle, Washington, but I am reliably informed that it is a major American city that enjoys many of the technological amenities of modern life, including news organizations with real live reporters and cameras and internet access and even a major newspaper called the Seattle Times. So, there's really no reason why the media couldn't have reported on the fact that yesterday, 3,000 people attended a rally for health care reform in Westlake Park. According to one person who was there, though, no one could be bothered:

I've no idea where I was yesterday afternoon, but it couldn't possibly have been at an energetic, 3000-person strong pro-healthcare reform rally in Westlake Park, because I couldn't find even the tiniest mention of it in this morning's Seattle Times, so apparently, it never happened. And I have absolutely no idea where all those photos and videos on my camera came from.

It's like my own personal Twilight Zone.

Anyway, health care reform proponents: they exist and can be captured on film!


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