'Problem Child' Cat Who Went Through 5 Foster Homes Finds Perfect Owner

"I’ve grown up with cats, and she is by far the most energetic, free-spirited 'unicorn.'"

This kooky cat might've rubbed some the wrong way, but the perfect owner came along to embrace the feline's funky attitude. 

Kitty the cat, who lives in New York City, is quite the handful with a wild child personality -- so much so that she went through five different foster homes. But after passing through so many hands, the feline found a permanent place with Noelle Fischer, who happens to be very fond of the cat's unique spirit.

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"I’ve grown up with cats, and she is by far the most energetic, free-spirited 'unicorn' she beats to her own drum and has even more spunk since I adopted her in 2013," Fischer, who documents her crazy cat's adventures on Instagram, told The Huffington Post in an email. 

The proud cat owner told HuffPost that Kitty was found alone in a bush. After she was rescued, she had difficulty meshing with owners. 

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"I was told [the previous owners] were never the right fit for her young kitten energy," Fischer said. "She had spunk. I believe she was in homes with families/young kids, single women in a studio apartment."

But Kitty unexpectedly came into the right hands when Fischer's friend decided to foster the feline after the shelter encouraged her to host the "problem child." When Fischer paid the cat a visit, she was charmed. 

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"[She] strutted in like she owned the room and then was like a bull in a china shop, just bouncing from chair to chair, laptop to TV, on top of the dog, and then landed on my lap," Fischer said. "I took her home that night. And officially adopted her the next day."

Now, Fischer is still fiercely in love with her little "problem child" and thinks Kitty is an absolute hoot. Even if she sometimes acts like a lovable jerk. 

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"She went through a phase where she would attack toilet paper, unravel it, find it in the closet and shred it," the owner said. "You cannot leave sponges out; she will take them from the sink and walk through the apartment until she finds the perfect spot. One time I woke up to a wet sponge in my bed." 

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But overall, Kitty is just a big softie. And really, what's not to love about that? 

"She loves to give me kisses and greet me at the door, roll over for tummy rubs," Fischer said. 



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