The Problem With Men Who Assume It's 'That Time Of The Month'

Here's how women really feel about the phrase.

Here's a reminder that a woman's emotions have little to do with a visit from "Aunt Flo."

In a video produced by Cosmopolitan, men and women discussed the phrase "that time of the month," and how it makes them feel. One of the men featured said he knows to "take precautions" if he assumes a woman is on her period, while another said some men use the phrase as an excuse to "get out of certain situations."

The women who were interviewed said they feel insulted when men ascribe women's heightened emotions to their periods. Assuming that hormonal changes must be involved when women express strong feelings discredits those feelings and turns menstruation, something that is completely normal, into a joke.

"It’s a disrespectful way of throwing a woman’s emotions in your face and making a joke out of it," one woman said. "It’s a real thing. Girls have hormones. They go through menstrual cycles, so it’s not something to laugh about."

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