Processed Food Including Chicken, Guacamole, Remain Fresh After Several Months (VIDEOS)

You know that store-bought guacamole that sat in the back of your fridge for months because you forgot about it? Melanie Warner, author of Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Foods Took Over the American Meal discovered such a tub, but found that it was strangely fresh, even after several months (Her mother even accidentally ate it -- and was fine!). In response, Warner took it upon herself to conduct some serious home science projects with foods aging over time. The results are a bit alarming -- preservatives are a powerful thing.

Warner recorded four experiments for the masses. Here, she tested a fast food fried chicken sandwich versus a homemade breaded chicken sandwich. Check out what happens after Warner leaves the two sandwiches out over a period of four months:

Next up, Warner found out what happens when you leave out store-bought "fresh" guacamole and homemade guacamole. Here's a hint -- if the store-bought version never turns brown, there may be something else besides avocado lurking in there...

American cheese singles versus cheddar cheese:

And, the strange evolution of frozen chicken tenders:

Surprised? Or not at all?

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