New Procter & Gamble Commercials Label Motherhood The 'Best Job'

Try To Watch This Commercial Without Crying

Last Friday, we ended the week arguing whether being a stay-at-home mom constitutes "work" (again). Thankfully, 2012's resurgence of the Mommy Wars didn't last long. Instead, the biggest statement about motherhood over the past five days seems to come from a commercial.

Procter & Gamble debuted their "Thank You Mom" Olympic-season advertising campaign, and with this two-minute spot, the drug giant may just bring every mom in the country to tears. The lovely, moody first 20 seconds draws you in, then the music starts in earnest, and when they go ahead and dub motherhood the "best" and "hardest job in the world" ... you'll be hooked (whether or not your son or daughter is an Olympian).

Go ahead and try to watch without crying.

Of course, this clip joins the oeuvre of several tear-jerker ads about raising children. Here are five of the best. Tell us what we missed in the comments!

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Tear-Jerker Commercials About Moms & Dads

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