Product of

There are loving people who do things for the better good of others. I am a product of those people. Being a young girl in the 90's I received guidance and encouragement from my Grandma, my teachers (all of them), and my family, that was my world.

"you will learn something new everyday, for the rest of your life", wise beautiful words from my grandma Juanita.

When she shared this with me I went ecstatic, I looked her in the eye with the biggest smile in my face and then proceeded to look of into the sun with wonder and joy. Wondering of all I would learn, since I was 11 when she told me. Till this moment I share those words with whom I feel to share with, because they are true.

Then I became hungry for more, more wisdom, more guidance. Specially from people I admired. I was introduced to the wonderful Oprah in my early 20's by my sister. Angelina Jolie by her films in Tomb Raider, that confidence and stride showed me the power a woman can have in big situation.And what she does outside of films with the people in need. As well as all what Oprah does for the world, like opening an all girl school in Africa to improve their lives and future.

Through Oprah alone I found so many more men and women to learn from, everyday. There I was introduced to Arianna Huffington, Jean Houston, and Maya Angelou. Being Mexican born and raised, my mind was pretty much Mexican. I thought novelas, romance, and Mexican culture. Suddenly I could relate to Maya's life through her autobiography book, and be less harsh on myself since she lived through segregation and I thought I had it bad being a young undocumented child.

Then I fell in love with Jean Houston, the human potential advocate. I reached out to her out of so much love and admiration, now I am her student. She is a UN Adviser, meaning huge head of states call her for advise. Yet she calls on me to hear what I have to say.

Ms Huffington her self asking me to write for the Huntington Post because she admired what I have to share, and the good I give back to the world.

A simple smile can lighten up a person, or even offering a person a ride when its freezing cold out can humble their heart.

Also parents who show me kindness from their own actions towards others. A boss who admires who I am, a brother who encourages me to be me, sisters who remind me I have it in me to do the goodness I aspire. A huge family of cousins who celebrate accomplishments together.

I want to Thank all the people who do better for others, because I am a product of them and I myself do my best for others too.