21 Things Cat Parents Recommend Buying

Raise your hand if you spend all your money on pets.

Anyone who owns a cat (or multiple cats) knows they’re your children, and naturally, you want to spoil them with the best. With so many cat products on the market, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your money, so we rounded up the best items that cat parents personally recommend buying. Soon enough, you may find yourself recommending these to your cat parent friends as well.

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A three-story cat tree
So your kitties can spy on the neighbors.

Promising review: "I have two cats — one who's 18 pounds and one who's 10 pounds. They both love this cat tree. Received it in three days. I thought I would have to anchor it but so far no problems. They love being able to sit on top and watch everything going on outside. I have it in a corner and it is very stable and I don't think I will have to anchor it to a wall. They sleep on it and chase each other up and down on it all day. Would highly recommend this tree. I am 65 and put it together myself." — Kimmie

Get it from Chewy for $94.99 (available in two colors).
A three-tier cat toy
It comes with polka-dotted balls they can bat at.

Promising review: "An instant hit in the house! My two highly energetic kittens loved the toy from the moment I unpacked it. I was thinking to get a similar cat chase toy with a scratching pad but I settled for this one at last and it may have been a better idea! It's a good toy for a multiple cat household as it has three tiers. A relief to know that the kittens can occupy themselves when nobody is home as this is neither powered by batteries or their humans. If only they stop attacking and my bathtub drainer when I am gone! Eww dudes! Highly recommended." — Tammy S.

Get it from Amazon for $9.12.
A $4 piece of string on a stick
It'll make your cat happier than any expensive electronic toy or even the box that toy comes in!

Promising review: "My husband says, 'It’s just a strip of cloth on a stick!' Yet our two boys know the cloth has just the right pattern, strength, and floatiness to make it fascinating to cat brains! When the strip is shaken rapidly in midair over their heads, the pattern appears to strobe and they go wacky! Good jumping exercise!" — dc99

Get it from Chewy for $2.98 (available in two colors).
A gentle deshedding glove
Because all cat owners know that if you go too long without a good brush, you will have soccer ball-sized fur bunnies blowing all around your home.

Promising review: "I have a long-haired Maine Coon and he absolutely LOVES this! Literally begs for it! And I'm getting waaaayyyy more hair off than the standard brushes ever could! For $7 and Prime one-day shipping, you just can't beat this!" — Jazzy

Get it from Amazon for $6.79.
A catnip-filled carrot
Your fur child can bunny kick this as hard as it wants. That way, your arm (or your other cat) can catch a break.

Promising review: "Over the years we have had several cats and every one of them has had their own carrot. I don't know what it is about these carrots but all of our cats love them. Occasionally I will see a green feather floating through the air so I know they have been playing with them. Great toy for all cats." — murrielsett

Get it from Chewy for $3.95.
A grain-free, high-protein kibble
Your cat may just prefer this to their wet food. (High praise, I know, but it's that good!) Cat Person is a small feline-focused brand from Lambert Wang and Jimmy Wu — two cat lovers who were concerned about what was in their pet's food and why cat products were always hidden away in the back of pet stores. Their dry and wet foods are packed with just a handful of straightforward, healthy ingredients like duck, turkey, and peas which provide fiber, and vitamins A, B, C, and K. What's missing? Fillers like potatoes, corn, rice, and wheat.

Get it from Cat Person for $11 (available in three flavors).
A seven-piece catnip toy set
It features adorable plush versions of delicious treats and carbs like ice cream cones, cookies, croissants and baguettes.

Promising review: "My two kitties (five months old) like these toys. They carry around the croissant and ice cream cones all over the house. The big cookie is a little harder for them to carry, maybe because of the shape." — emily bulat

Get the seven-piece set from Amazon for $5.99.
A custom velvet collar engraved with your kitty's name and your phone number
So if they ever manage to sneak out, people will know how to find you.

Promising review: "Absolutely in loveeee with this collar. Since it's from overseas, I knew it'd take a lil bit to arrive. Nonetheless, it is perfectly perfect! The engraving is lovely. I also like the buckle design, it is not a breakaway — which I was looking for. So be a little more cautious with younger cats. Thanks again!" — Lydia Rhomberg

Get it from Petshine on Etsy for $15+ (available in eight styles and two sizes).
A completely unnecessary but oh-so-fun sling
So you can carry your cat around like the needy bebe they are.

Promising review: "I initially bought this for my Pomeranian, and yes I do use it for him since he prefers to be carried in crowded/noisy places (AKA pet stores), however... Just for fun I decided to see if one of my cats would get in it. To my surprise, one of them LOVES it. Whenever my Pom and cat see me pick up the sling, they both run to get put in it. I don't actually take my cat anywhere with it (other than out to the mailbox), but he loves hanging out in there while I do stuff around the house. The sling does a good job of supporting their weight without putting a strain on my back. Excellent value for the money!" — mandi s.

Get it from Amazon for $15.95 (available in five colors).
A leopard turtleneck sweater
It'll keep them cozy when temperatures dip. And — not to state the obvious — but provide ample photos ops.

Promising review: "This sweater is absolutely perfect. The size chart was accurate — my little Bingley is a size medium. The sweater is not only trés chic but also very soft and warm. My baby needs haircuts because his fur gets too long and thick for him to clean and a quick trim and a sweater is much less traumatizing than frequent baths, brushing, and blow outs. This is his first sweater and it took him a few minutes to adjust to it – he was shy to show it off at first but now he can be cute and cozy all winter. LOVE IT!" — M.B., Los Angeles

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.
An interactive feather and mouse game
It's basically like Whac-A-Mole for your cat. Lucky for them, they don't have to hunt down a carnival or pay $5 a pop to play.

Promising review: "I have a cat who is quite particular about the toys he plays with. Barely anything grabs his attention. I saw a commercial for this and then found it on Amazon. All I can say is, finally! I've finally found something that my cat is interested in! At first he was curious and watched it before deciding to pounce on it. I've noticed other reviewers stating the item they received is too fast. I didn't have that issue at all and the speed was actually perfect. My cat loves the feather attachment. I can't wait to try out the mouse attachment next." — Anthony

Get it from Amazon for $19.88.
A window hammock with suction cups strong enough to hold 50 pounds
If you're thinking that seems like a lot, just consider how quickly the weight of multiple cats, a blanket, their favorite toys and a pillow adds up.

Promising review: "Epic!!! I have a cat window bed that has top cable top mount support and THIS design with bottom post mount support is soooooooooooo much better!! The bottom mount support allows for 100% unobstructed jump entry, it has a longer bed, and it just looks better without the top mount cables. Both of my cats love it so much that I’m purchasing another one to replace their old bed. I'll possibly stagger them on my sliding glass door!! Epic!!" — Diggslife

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two colors and two sizes).
A set of raised bowls
They're not only super cute (the pastels!), but also ergonomically designed so your cat can eat in a comfortable position and avoid whisker fatigue.

Promising review: "I realized our cats would both occasionally stop eating and have a bit of a wheezing cough for a few minutes that looked and sounded very dramatic. We had to calm them until it was over, and it was stressful. It occurred to me they were having to eat pretty much at the floor level, and I had read somewhere they should be eating up a bit higher off the floor. I got these to see if the cough would stop if they were eating a bit higher. I'm thrilled to say that did the trick. Neither of them have had the cough again while eating since we started with these bowls about a month ago. Not even once! I originally thought of just propping their normal bowls up higher, but one of them constantly tries to bury the bowl when she doesn't eat all of her dinner. She would knock the bowl over making a mess. Super glad we tried these out. I bought one set and when it was successful I bought two more so I could rotate them. We clean them using the dishwasher, just not every day. We also use them for their dry food and their water now as well. GREAT product! Sturdy and I think they're going to last us a long long time." — PBV

Get them from Amazon for $7.99.
A litter-trapping honeycomb mat
Because there is nothing more disturbing than stepping out of the shower and immediately feeling cat litter on the bottom of your foot.

Promising review: "We no longer have litter scattered throughout the house. I just have to remember to empty it. Nice looking and effectively hides the litter it collects. Just place it the to the side your kitty hops out of the box on, as they never leap out of the side intended for exiting!" — CharleezMom

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in six colors and three sizes).
A collapsible carrier with soft mesh sides
So you can make frequent eye contact with your cat and ensure them that even though you betrayed their trust by taking them to the vet, they are okay now.

Promising review: "I have a 16-pound cat with motion sickness. I bought this to replace another carrier (also new) because my cat pooped and puked in that one. The first carrier was a backpack and I thought it would make it easier for me to carry him. BIG MISTAKE. My cat hated being in that carrier. That carrier jostled him too much so he ended up pooping twice and puking once in a span of 20 minutes (how long it took us to get from ticket counter to our gate). But this carrier right here saved my life on the trip back! My cat tolerated the jostling better since he was able to lay flat instead of sitting up. And it’s a lot roomier than the backpack carrier even though they have the same measurements. I was hesitant about the quality at first since this was cheaper than the backpack carrier but I was pleasantly surprised to see how durable it was! The removable bottom has a plank of wood inside it and I think that gave my cat a sense of better stability compared to the other carrier. It says on the description it’s for pets up to 15 pounds, but my cat is 16 pounds and this carrier was still able to handle his weight just fine! I didn’t worry about the strap snapping or breaking, it felt very secure. My cat didn’t complain even once while he was in this, which also meant no pooping and puking and trips to the bathroom for impromptu cat baths! I flew United and this fit perfectly under the seat. If you have a cat who can’t tolerate being jostled around and/or gets anxious on car rides, I highly recommend this carrier." — mrsjaypark

Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (available in three colors and two sizes).
An airtight rolling container
It makes storing dry food and cat litter SO much easier. Instead of keeping 20- and 30-pound bags on hand, just transfer everything to this and it'll keep them fresh.

Promising review: "I got this so I didn't have to drag a 30-pound bag out of this tiny-sized cupboard every time that I needed to refill my cats' food containers. It is great. I found a perfect spot for it. It maneuvers great, keeps the food fresh, and keeps nosy cats out of it, too! I love my container. It will save my back so much work." — Wendy Schlickeiser

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in two colors and various sizes).
A geometric sherpa-lined bed
So they have something to transition to when you *finally* throw away that cardboard Amazon box they claimed as their own.

Promising review: "My cat loves this bed. Perfect shape and size for her. The bottom is a little puffy so it doesn’t sit flat but we put it on the foot of our chaise anyway so it doesn’t matter. She’s been sleeping and lounging in it since the day we got it. My cat is small, 7.5 pounds and long haired, for reference. Probably would be great for a small breed dog as well." — Tasha

Get it from Chewy for $15.99 (available in four colors).
A pack of squeezable treats
They're basically Gogurts — just in feline-approved flavors like tuna and chicken.

Promising review: "Now I haven't tasted it myself but from my cat's reaction, she loves it. She does not mind her manners at all when she sees the tube come out. I think she would rip my arm off the get to it if she could. She enjoys all the flavors. I started off letting her lick it from the tube but she got a bit messy slobbering all over it and me so now I squeeze some on a little plate and let her go to town. I sometimes use it to get her to eat her food but she is clever. She licks it off the food and leaves the apparently nasty food there. Anyway, I recommend them. My cat can be picky but she loves — and that is not a strong enough word — these." — Tracy Brethorst

Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $11.97.
A 40-pound bag of dust-free clumping litter
Because having to 1. Buy cat litter at the store and then carry it into your house and 2. Actually clean the litter box are the two worst parts of cat parenthood.

Promising review: "I can hardly believe how well it does the job. It eliminate odors and absorbs excellently. I will only buy this litter from now on and my cat 💘s it. P.S.: I've tried at least 10 kinds of cat litter and they are very costly. This one's price is just right and works in every way I need it to. Thank you!" — Paula Stokes

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.
A Chom Chom roller
It'll put your regular ol' lint roller to shame. Forget ripping off sheets till you run out — this collects everything in a neat little compartment you simply empty out.

Promising review: "I've had it in my possession for like two hours and I've cleaned everything. The couch, the blinds, the cat tree pad, the chair, I'm obsessed. I feel like this thing should win an award for being so awesome. I feel like it should be in raffle baskets and giveaways and silent auctions for every event that highlights 'things cat people need.' It's better than those sticky rollers, it's better than the one-directional velvet wand thing that I always use the wrong way and make a mess. It's the best. I don't have any 'before' pictures because as soon as I started rolling stuff I went crazy." — Meowser

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.
And an XXL litter box
It features an oval lid you can pop open for easy cleaning. No more having to disassemble the whole darn thing!

Promising review: "Love it. It’s been a month and my cats really like this roomy box! My girls are almost two. One is about eight pounds and my biggin' is around 18 pounds. I really like that my Charlie can get in and out, have plenty of room to move around to ‘ya know,’ and not touch her head or body on the box. I have a small apartment, so I keep the box snug in a corner of my living room. I don’t smell any odor, but I clean up right after every use which makes the raised lid so great! I wash their box and change litter every two weeks. I feel the inside of this one is not as messy. The sides are curved so there’s no corner clumps!! I still have to sweep up litter from around the box and, quite frankly, everywhere else... cat life! My son said its like the penthouse bathroom for cats!" — SAYJAY

Get it from Chewy for $27.99.

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