5 Products Cleaning Experts Always Keep Stocked In Their House

For your next cleaning session, make sure you have these essential products in your caddy.
Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser, Sprayway glass cleaner and The Pink Stuff.

Before you start preparing for spring cleaning or just a regular tidying session, you need to get your essential cleaning supplies in order. Do you have enough sponges and brushes to clean every crevice of your home? Are your shower cleaning needs taken care of? If you have a fluffy friend running around, you’re also going to want some heavy duty pet hair-cleaning tools at your disposal.

But while all of the rooms in your house may need some extra TLC, there are five must-have cleaning products you need to get even the grimiest jobs done — and they all come at the recommendation of cleaning experts. Below, check out our list of products that were specially selected by professional cleaners, including a few from #CleanTok.

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Dawn Platinum
"Hands down, my favorite cleaning product that I always have stocked is Dawn Platinum. It’s such a versatile cleaner that can be used to wash the dishes and can clean everything in my kitchen and bathroom. Plus, it even makes an excellent stain fighter when doing laundry. I’m also a huge fan of its sister product, Dawn Powerwash. It delivers all the awesomeness that Dawn does, with a little extra cleaning muscle and comes in a spray bottle for easy use." — Lori Williamson

This bundle comes with three 34-ounce bottles and two non-scratch Dawn scrubbers.
Sprayway glass cleaner
"Sprayway glass cleaner cleans thoroughly without leaving streaks, dries quickly and leaves a clean, fresh scent. This is the best glass cleaner as it consistently delivers a fantastic shine." —Kellsie Zapata
Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser
"This will easily remove soap scum, rust stains, tarnish and mineral deposits. You can use this on various surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain and much more. It’s ideal to use in your bathroom, kitchen and outdoors." — Kellsie Zapata
The Pink Stuff
"I don’t leave home without it. I bring it to all my clients because it is a miracle product and tackles the HARDEST restoration projects that I come across." — Amy Landers

The Pink Stuff is a popular cleaning staple, and for good reason. It can be used for multiple purposes and on various surfaces like saucepans, stovetops, sinks, ceramic tile, glass and shower doors. This bundle comes with a jar of paste and a multi-purpose spray.
Zep industrial purple degreaser and cleaner
"I have found many safe uses for this product. It has cut my scrub time and effort by about 80%." — Amy Landers

This product dissolves heavy grease, oil and tar, and can be used to remove adhesives and paints.

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