8 Products That Can Help Ease Menopause Symptoms

Stock up on items like cooling pillows and personal fans to relieve hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues and more.
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Amazon, Kindra
The Embr Wave wristband, Kindra cool down mist and Jisulife personal fan.

Menopause can be uncomfortable at best and disruptive and painful at worst, but you deserve relief. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of menopause can include vaginal dryness, hot flashes, chills, night sweats, sleep issues, mood changes, weight gain and a slower metabolism. It is no joke! You’re just walking along, living your life as you’ve known it, and then you get slammed by an intense physical, mental and emotional shift.

But just because menopause is a tricky phase of life doesn’t mean you simply have to endure it; there are ways to make yourself more comfortable. You shouldn’t have to suffer, and if even the smallest lifestyle tweak or purchase can help make a difference, then it’s a worthwhile investment. Menopause can last seven to 10 years (or even more in some occasions), and it shouldn’t be a decade of torture.

If you aren’t sure how to best manage your symptoms, be sure to speak to your personal physician. It’s important to start there and do what you need to in order to start feeling relief. We’ve rounded up body and home items that can ease some of the most common and intense symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, chills, sleep issues and more.

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A convenient personal fan
If you've been looking for a hands-free personal fan, look no further than this sleek option from Jisulife. It's bladeless, rechargeable and USB-powered with three different speeds to choose from and is available in multiple colors. The headphone-like design makes it more discreet than traditional personal fans, as well as being lightweight and durable.
A cooling spray
Kindra's cool mist instantly soothes, hydrates and refreshes skin for up to two hours. It's formulated with omega-rich extracts, hyaluronic acid and their InstaCalm-3 Complex, a blend of ingredients that can help to reduce the intensity of symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats while hydrating and nourishing the skin.
A rechargeable thermal bracelet
If you're wracked with hot flashes, then you definitely need to try the Embr Wave wristband. A small clinical study showed it can give relief from hot flashes and improve sleep. The patented technology delivers a blast of icy coolness that helps to trick your brain into feeling cooler, and the bracelet comes in two shades (black and rose gold) for a discreet and stylish look. It's definitely a big investment, but given how long menopause symptoms can last, it can easily be worth it.
A cooling pillow
Not only is Coop's pillow made with cooling gels to help prevent night sweats and overheating, but it's adjustable, so you can remove or add the memory foam fill to make it the perfect size for your body. It's incredibly popular among Amazon users and beyond, and definitely worth a shot if you've been experiencing sleep issues.
A warm cashmere wrap
Keeping a soft cashmere wrap on hand is key to helping regulate your temperature extremes. You can easily pop it off when you're too warm or throw it on if you're suddenly cold. This beauty from Quince is luxurious and elegant, regardless of season.
A weighted blanket
Weighted blankets have been shown to help with disruptive sleep issues like insomnia as well as have a soothing emotional effect, which could be beneficial if you are suffering from mood swings. Made of silky cooling bamboo, these weighted blankets by Luna are designed to evenly distribute weight to your body for maximum relaxation.
A popular and highly rated personal lubricant
Pain during intercourse as a result of vaginal dryness is common during menopause, and this gentle personal lubricant by Fav is a great option for anyone who needs relief and comfort. It has a long-lasting formula that is safe for sensitive skin and complements your body's natural lubrication.
A daily vaginal lotion
If you're experiencing vaginal dryness that includes the vulva, then check out
Kindra's bestselling vaginal lotion, which boasts an innovative formula that includes ultra-light and extremely hydrating extracts. Ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil and humectants with vitamin E and B3 work to nourish, moisturize, repair and heal the moisture barrier. Best of all, it's gentle enough to use daily.
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