31 Products You'll Never Want To Step Foot On An Airplane Without Ever Again

Once you've traveled with these products once, there is no going back.
Clockwise from left:<a href="https://www.amazon.com/Approved-Toiletry-Transparent-Through-Organizer/dp/B01AHCEKQU?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name=" TSA approved travel toiletry bag," data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="622a4dbce4b029615838561d" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/Approved-Toiletry-Transparent-Through-Organizer/dp/B01AHCEKQU?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="0"> TSA approved travel toiletry bag,</a><a href="https://www.amazon.com/Zoppen-Multi-purpose-Travel-Wallet-Ver-4/dp/B07CLFX2V4?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="passport holder travel wallet" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="622a4dbce4b029615838561d" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/Zoppen-Multi-purpose-Travel-Wallet-Ver-4/dp/B07CLFX2V4?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="1">passport holder travel wallet</a>, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Macks-Pillow-Soft-Silicone-Earplugs/dp/B003LZQGN6?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="Mack&#x27;s silicone earplugs" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="622a4dbce4b029615838561d" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/Macks-Pillow-Soft-Silicone-Earplugs/dp/B003LZQGN6?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="2">Mack's silicone earplugs</a>, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/DailyShoes-Unisex-Cushioned-Loafers-Sneakers/dp/B09S27KNKV?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="unisex memory foam slides" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="622a4dbce4b029615838561d" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/DailyShoes-Unisex-Cushioned-Loafers-Sneakers/dp/B09S27KNKV?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="3">unisex memory foam slides</a>, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Backpack-Business-Charging-Resistant-Computer/dp/B06XZTZ7GB?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="outdoor travel laptop backpack" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="622a4dbce4b029615838561d" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/Backpack-Business-Charging-Resistant-Computer/dp/B06XZTZ7GB?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=622a4dbce4b029615838561d%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="4">outdoor travel laptop backpack</a>.

Popular Items From This List

  • A cozy travel blanket if you’re tired of shivering through flights. This is no wimpy shawl, but rather a nearly six-foot medium weight blanket with an included carrier handle you can use to mount on your carry-on.

  • A Trtl neck pillow that’ll actually support your neck while you try to catch some mid-flight Zs. It’s way less bulky than traditional travel pillows and will keep you from head bobbing onto your neighbor’s shoulder.

  • A lightweight water-resistant backpack that makes the perfect airline personal item with plenty of space for a laptop, chargers, a change of clothes, and more, plus cushy, airflow back panels to fight against the dreaded back sweat as you run to catch your flight (we’ve all been there).

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An in-flight phone mount to watch your own movies
Promising review: "I travel for a living and fly often. I regret not buying this in the beginning when I started traveling. I can clip it to the back of the seat in front of me and also on the windows. It is small enough to fold up and fit in my pocket. This is random but related — if you are sitting in an exit row on an airplane you cannot clip this to the window until the plane is in the air — other than that they do not care it is clipped to the window during the flight. Highly recommended." —Chrissie Jo

Get it from Amazon for $12.97 (also available in a set of two).
A compact Airhook for your phone and drink
PS: This also works just as great in cars for road trips!

Promising review: "Nicely holds phone or tablet and drink, sturdily. It is especially handy during takeoffs and landings while tray table is stowed, or if you just don't want to have the table down in front of you. Comes with nice travel pouch. Fits into my backpack, and I bring it on every business trip. Very convenient." —Tpal

Get it from Amazon for $26.95.
A Trtl neck pillow for extra support
Promising review: "I am a terrible flyer who recently took the red-eye from Dubai to Chicago (15 hours). The Trtl Pillow was a mini lifesaver! I was able to comfortably rest my head on the support and felt warm enough to actually doze off....a rare accomplishment for this skittish flyer. The Velcro works wonderfully with regards to adjustment, and I liked wrapping the fabric around my mouth and nose. Sort of felt cozy...even if I did look like a ninja in a neck brace! Overall, this product has changed the way that I fly, and I am so thankful for this invention and the opportunity to support a small company with big ideas." —S.Viruly

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in four colors).
A digital travel scale to check your bag weight limit
Say goodbye to overweight fees since this scale can hold up to 110 pounds. It also features a blue LED backlight for those early morning travels.

Promising review: "For years we used a regular scale. We would weigh ourselves then attempt to lift the bag and step on the scale. Not easy sometimes. But with this scale you just attach to the handle and lift. Weight is easy to read on this scale. Don’t know how we lived without it." —Karen

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.
Affordable wireless Bluetooth earbuds for movies and music
Promising review: "These are the first pair of wireless buds I have purchased, previously using only the single over ear type pieces. I expected to have difficulty pairing, but these paired first time super easy. The volume and sound is significantly better than my old style. Nice little charging and travel case, and a variety of sizes of silicone buds to fit your size/preference. Update — after using these a few weeks I am still very pleased with this earbuds. Good value for the price!" —J. L. Hoover

Get it from Amazon for $29.98+ (available in five colors).
An AirFly Pro wireless transmitter for your Bluetooth headphones
Promising review: "Worked beautifully on a recent eight-hour flight from New York City to Frankfurt! Really easy to pair with my Bose noise-canceling earbuds and charges quickly. The sound quality was excellent. I'm so excited about this product that I'm going to buy one for each of my family members!" —emily p murray

Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (also available in four other models).
A compact external battery to keep you charged
Promising review: "So far so good. I've used it a couple of times and I've been able to charge my iPhone 6S at least three times with one charge. I really like the light that tells you how much power is still left. It's also pretty small so it doesn't take up a lot of space. Update: I’ve had this for like two years now. Still works great! I’ve taken it on so many trips. I’ve been able to charge my iPhone, and GoPro batteries all with one charge. This thing has been a great purchase." —Sway

Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in four colors).
A tri-fold passport holder and wallet to keep everything on hand
The wallet has a passport pocket, boarding pass compartment, three credit card slots, an ID slot, a slim card pouch, slim pocket, a ticket slot, a cellphone pouch, a coin zippered pocket, key holder, and pen holder. The all-in-one holder could also arguably be considered a cult-favorite travel product.

Promising review: "Guys, I'm beyond happy with this. I've been looking for a passport and ticket holder for a while but had never found the right size until I decided to try out this one. Besides, the material feels high quality and long-lasting, the red color is even better in person and it's wildly pretty." —BazantSol

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in 33 colors).
A hands-free luggage drink caddy for easy drinking
Promising review: "This is an amazing travel accessory! When are you trying to juggle your hot beverage with a water bottle, your phone, and a boarding pass this is a handy, easily stash-able, uni-tasker to have. Fits perfectly on my carry on bag and larger rolling bags as well." —Pirate

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in nine colors).
A pair of unisex slip-on sneakers for easy take off in the security line
Some reviewers say these shoes run big, and recommend ordering a size down.

Promising review: "I love these slip-ons! They are extremely comfortable and stretchy. No need to 'break them in' and they didn't irritate my heels after long-time wear like Vans slip-ons do — no need for bandages :). I will definitely be buying these again and again!" —MichelleAColgan

Get them from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in sizes 5–11 and in six colors).
A set of TSA-approved squeeze bottles for all your products
Promising review: "These are awesome. They have the no-mess tops and they won't easily explode in your bag under pressure since they are so flexible. I used mine for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and face wash. Took them to Puerto Rico and back to the states and they managed great. Will probably buy some more to put more stuff in for next time we travel." —Courtney F

Get a pack of four from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in five color schemes).
A set of six magnetic, leakproof travel containers for all your pills and creams
Cadence is an Asian woman-owned small biz creating the most stylish reusable travel containers you've ever seen. They're gentle on the planet and feature an intuitive, leak-proof design.

Check the products description for a in-depth summary of how much f every type of product these containers hold.

BuzzFeed editor Abby Kass is upping her travel-game with these containers:

"I used these on a six-day trip recently, and they were perfect. I customized the label so I knew which one was my shampoo vs. conditioner and did a general label for any other things I wanted to bring a long. They do hold a surprising amount, and were small enough to slip right into my toiletries bag and go through TSA with no problem. The container was easy to open in the shower (even with wet hands), and I had no leakage from them (like I did from my face wash bottle that will not be making the trip with me next time. SMH). These are an incredibly useful tool anyone who travels wants in their luggage."

Get a set of six from Cadence for $74 (originally $84).
A transparent toiletry bag that's TSA-approved
Promising review: "I travel very frequently and had never heard of a liquid travel bag like this before. I was a little worried because the back is not see-through, so I brought a 1-quart plastic baggie as backup just in case. But everything I needed fit perfectly and I had no issues in TSA/China security. So far I have been through MSP, IAD, NKG, and PEK airports using this pack already and it's a life-changer! I will never again have to worry about having to scramble to buy baggies just for liquids, and it is much more durable." —Courtney Swanson

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in eight colors).
A waterproof toiletry bag with extra fold-outs
Promising review: "We are a family of seven and this held all of our bathroom supplies for a weekend trip. This is a must-have for traveling. The best feature is it being able to hang up on a robe hook or the back of a door. It frees up hotel sinks and keeps you well organized." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two sizes and five colors).
A trusty stain-removing pen for an in-flight accidents
Promising review: "This product works great and the three-pack is a good deal, whether you want to label each one for a specific use or share with members of the family. It is easy to use and doesn't take long to dry. I keep one in my purse and of course it is a must-have when traveling." —DeeNicole

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $6.97.
A pack of moldable silicone earplugs for a quiet ride
Promising review: "Perfect for small ear canals. Love the carrying case. These are perfect for a few reasons — I can break them into smaller pieces and fit them to my small ears. They are PERFECT for traveling — the case keeps them clean and safe. You can 'drown' out the noise without leaving the world. I can still hear with them in, but I sleep a lot easier with them in. The only drawback is that they ARE sticky — I find a lot of my hair stuck to them after a use. Price you pay though, for all of the positives." —tater.tot

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $3.96.
A mini white noise machine for soothing sounds on the go
Promising review: "I travel a lot for work and need some kind of noise to cover up sounds from the hallway in hotels. This little device is the best one I've found. I've found one of the sound options that sounds just like an AC unit that puts me to sleep in an instant. The sounds on this little guy are the best ones I've heard. Buy this for travel and you won't be sorry!" —KJ

Get it from Amazon for $34.95.
A contoured sleep mask for a mid-flight snooze
Promising review: "This eye mask is perfect if you like to have total darkness when you sleep. It is so comfortable around my face and the mask even comes with adjustable straps so you don’t wake up with sleep lines. Included are cute ear plugs enclosed in their own case and a silk drawstring bag to carry your things in. To add, I was also impressed with how aesthetically pleasing the packaging was. I totally recommend." —Bill Curtis

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in five colors).
An all-in-one universal wall adapter for jet setting all over
Promising review: "Probably one of the best $13 I spent on anything. If you travel a lot, especially internationally, this is a must have because you have every kind of adapter on one plug and don’t have to worry about constantly buying a certain adapter every time you travel to a different country. This has it all." —Abby Santiago

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.
A collapsible coffee cup to stay green as you travel
Stojo is a small biz founded by three New York dads who wanted a better way to get their convenient coffee fix without all the waste. Now they make stylish collapsible essentials in a variety of sizes and colors, including bottles and food storage containers!

This is of the first zero-waste swaps I made and I've never looked back. If you buy to-go coffee – whether you're jet-setting or just grabbing a mid-day pick-me-up — this cup is a must-have. So long as you remember to bring it, it's all the convenience of to-go coffee with none of the waste. Sometimes the threading on the cap can be tricky, but if you take the time to line it up properly it's leakproof and, when you're all done, it collapses down teeny tiny and can be tossed back in your bag. Oh! And the 16 oz. version comes with a straw, so all you iced coffee lovers can get in on the action, too.

Get it from Amazon for $15+ (available in two sizes and 18 colors).
An in-flight foot hammock to help with foot swelling
Promising review: "This was a lifesaver on a recent nonstop flight from LA to Paris and back. Not only was the footrest super comfy and easy to use, it really made the long flight bearable. At the end of the flight, my feet and legs were not swollen at all, like they usually are after a long flight. I like to kick off my shoes during long flights and when I put my shoes back on, they fit like they normally do, no swollen feet, ankles, or legs. I will never fly again without this footrest." —Dawn Sullivan

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three colors).
A lightweight water-resistant backpack with a section for your laptop
The bag has a separate compartment to hold up to a 15.6" laptop, a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back for valuables, a luggage strap, hanging clasps, and an external USB port to hook up to your own power bank.

Promising review: "I just returned from a trip abroad and I used this backpack as my personal carry-on. It's roomy, fashionable, durable, and functional. The best feature in the backpack is the hidden zipper pocket where I was able to keep my passport and wallet and not worry that someone might pull it out. Everything was safe, had a place, and was easily accessible. It was a little bulky looking when I had it filled before my trip but that was to be expected. Overall, I was very happy with this backpack and would recommend it highly." —rachel

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in two sizes and in seven colors).
A roll-on blister-preventing balm to keep you walking easy
Promising review: "I put this on before long walks and it really helps! I am prone to wearing the wrong shoes when we travel so I will now be adding this to my travel items as well!" —Julie

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.
A set of travel compression cubes to keep you organized
Promising review: "This is a must-have item for anyone who is committed to travelling lightly and taking small bags whenever/wherever possible. If you are an urban back-packer or even an outdoors backpacker, these are amazing bags that make the rest of your bag so much easier to pack!" —Lisa

Get them from Amazon for $17.95+ (available in packs of two or six, and in nine styles).
All-natural toothpaste tablets to brush your teeth mess-free
Huppy is an Asian-owned small biz creating plastic-free toothpaste tablets out of sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. Everything is vegan, GMO- and cruelty-free. Best of all? Huppy donates 2% of revenue to fund sustainability initiatives!

I love how zero-waste the process is with Huppy. You get a forever tin (pick from blue or blush) and then buy refills that come in compostable pouches. The whole chewing thing can be weird at first (my boyfriend found it aggressively minty, I just think they taste like Altoids) but both of us got used to it pretty quickly. With water, the tabs foam up pretty instantly, and after that, it's just a normal teeth-brushing experience. In fact, I'm actually finding that not dealing with drippy toothpaste and tiny screw-on caps is actually pretty delightful. And I'm absolutely not traveling with regular toothpaste ever again — this is a travel must-have regardless of what you use at home. A cleaner process both in and out of my mouth.

Get it from Huppy for $12+ (available in two sizes, two colors, and three flavors; available in subscribe and save).
A compact travel-themed card game to pass the time
Promising review: "Gameplay involves visiting countries and collecting photos — something akin to Mille Bornes. My kids (10 and 13) both love it and we always take it on trips. The game can be made as long as you like. Play is quick, competitive, and interesting. Highly recommended." —M. D. Zink

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.
A leak-proof collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated
Promising review: "I bought three of these for a trip to Europe. They are very light to carry, easy to fill, and convenient for travel. I am very pleased with this purchase! It saved a lot of money to have the water bottle with us all day long and just fill up rather than having to buy new bottles of water." —M. Jennings

Get it from Amazon for $26.95 (available in eight colors).
A travel sized wrinkle release spray to look fresh after a flight
Promising review: "This is a great product I always keep in my house, car and when traveling. Of course it doesn't take the place of an iron, but works well enough in a pinch. The scent is nice too." —lilacjr1

Get it from Amazon for $8.
40 Winks Travel / Etsy
A large, compact travel blanket to keep you toasty on chilly flights
40 Winks Travel is a small biz founded by Jennifer Klekas who has created a shop filled with ultra-functional travel essentials that are simple yet beautiful. This is no wimpy shawl, but rather a nearly six-foot medium weight blanket with an included carrier handle you can use to mount on your carry-on.

Get it from 40 Winks Travel on Etsy for $34.
A lay-flat drawstring makeup organizer to help you see all your products
Promising review: "I've been in the travel industry for 16 years and up til now I haven't found a durable and easy-to-access makeup bag. They are always too small or so big your makeup rolls around and gets on everything. This is the perfect size to fit a full face worth of makeup products without being bulgy or bulky. The brush holders inside work perfectly, and any small items like bobby pins or hair ties go great in the zipper compartment to keep them easily accessible. Highly recommended if you do make-up on the go." —ASilver105

Get it from Amazon for $19.95+ (available in three sizes and 25 colors).
Anne Cate
A mini wallet emergency kit with your city's skyline
Anne Cate is a Cleveland-based, woman-owned small business creating minimalist keepsakes to commemorate your favorite locations, with over 100 hand-designed skylines depicting cities and colleges from around the world!

What you'll get: Inside your mini wallet, you'll find a hair tie, lip balm, two floss pics, sewing kit, bandage, emery board, two safety pins, two earring backs, makeup wipe, two bobby pins, two mints, deodorant wipe, Shout wipe, tampon, hand sanitizer, and pain reliever.

I, your resident forgetful person, bought the NYC skyline version of this to toss in my purse or work tote whenever I got out. It's filled with a bunch of easy-to-forget bits and bobs that will (and have) saved the day in a pinch, all pre-packaged in a stylish and high-quality wallet. It's my perfect little SOS kit.

Get it from Anne Cate for $25 (available in 97 styles).
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