12 Products That Will Make Your Mornings Infinitely Better And Calmer

Save time and stress by incorporating these items into your morning routine.
Want to protect your peace and be more productive in the morning? Consider trying a few of the products below.
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Want to protect your peace and be more productive in the morning? Consider trying a few of the products below.

Let’s face it: Mornings are hectic. Whether you’re rushing out the door, waking up to feed hungry kids or trying to cram in a workout, we could all use a little help with our a.m. routines. We’re pressed for time, hurrying to get ready while cramming a million things into a short window.

Fortunately, there are some things out there designed to make your mornings a little more manageable. Here are a few products that will help you have a more productive and ― most importantly ― relaxing start to your day.

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An upgraded alarm clock that will wake you up slowly
How you start your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Sure, you could be jolted out of bed by the sound of your smartphone alarm blaring away — but there are, in fact, more peaceful ways to wake up. (Not to mention, phones in the bedroom are disruptive to sleep.)

Try a wake-up light, which lets you kick off your day with a simulated sunrise in addition to your choice of five unique wake-up sounds. This device is sleep-expert approved, and studies have shown that exposure to morning light can improve your sleep quality. And don’t you always feel better after getting a little sun?

Get the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light on Amazon for $79.95.
A gratitude journal that only takes a few minutes of your time
Jotting down what you are thankful for has been shown to boost mental health. So before you dive into the stress of your workday, chores or whatever else is waiting for you, take a few minutes to slow down and express some gratitude. And if time is of the essence, this is definitely the journal for you.

The Five-Minute Journal gives you quick prompts that focus on practicing gratitude, creating positive affirmations and prioritizing important tasks.

Get the Five-Minute Journal on Amazon for $29.99.
A body wash with an energizing scent
Plant Apothecary
Your standard bar of soap isn’t doing much to make your morning any more enjoyable, but this body wash might make it a little extra memorable. The product is infused with organic essential oils such as rosemary and lemongrass, which are meant to be stimulating scents.

Get the Wakey Wakey Body Wash from Plant Apothecary for $9.
An on-the-go coffee maker that'll cut down on your routine and your spending
There are tons of health benefits associated with drinking coffee, but waiting for the coffee maker to do its thing can be frustrating. The Pour-Over Coffee Travel Mug allows you to scoop your own coffee grounds into a stainless steel filter, which sits comfortably inside of a travel tumbler. Then, you dump hot water over the grounds, either at home or in the office, and you’re on your way. It’s made with military-grade steel, which keeps your beverage hotter for much longer than a mug does. And you can brew it without the hassle of paper filters.

Get the Coffee Gator Pour-Over Coffee Travel Mug from Amazon for $14.99.
A self-affirming doormat to start your day on a happy note
Make the last thing you see as you leave home for the morning something positive. Research shows that affirmations can help boost your performance, so why not get them in as you head out the door? These doormats can be custom-made to say anything you’d like.

Get the doormats from the Grace Grit + Faith store on Etsy for $33.
A shower timer to keep you on track
It’s hard to get out of bed, but it can be even harder to get out of the shower. All that relaxing hot water can make it easy to lose track of how much time you spend in there. Enter this timer, which will help you stay on schedule.

Get the KADAMS Digital Shower Timer With Alarm from Amazon for $25.99.
A doorknob organizer so you don't forget important items
Phone, keys, purse, coffee mug, laptop … The list of items you might need to wrangle before leaving in the morning can be endless. This small organizer can make it a little easier to remember a few of them. It hangs over your doorknob and includes space for you to drop in your iPhone, hang your keys and toss in any bills or mail that you need to bring with you for the day.

Get the Home-X Doorknob Organizer from Amazon for $9.98.
A guided meditation app to help reduce stress at the start of your day
FreshSplash via Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld and Orlando Bloom are big fans of taking a little quiet time first thing in the morning. But trying to sit and count your breath on your own can be boring, so give an app a whirl. The Calm app offers a seven-day free trial ($69.99 annually) and has a ton of different meditations to focus on – everything from morning-specific meditations to those that help you improve your focus, reduce stress and anxiety, or set your intention for the day. And if you’re a meditation newbie, Headspace is a great option and the program offers a 14-day free trial ($69.99 annually). The app has 10-day meditation programs that help ease you into spending some time with merely your own thoughts.
A towel warmer that can make your morning shower more luxurious
One of the worst things about drying off after a relaxing shower is being cold — this product solves that problem. Just plug the bin into the wall, stick in your towels and let them get toasty while you're rinsing off. The warmer also comes with built-in timer settings. It's an extra pampering step to your self-care routine that will elevate your morning.

Get the Zadro Towel Warmer from Amazon for $159.99.
A wallet finder that'll save you from tearing your house apart
How many times have you gone out the door without being able to find your wallet or keys? This Bluetooth tracker can attach to everyday items and help you track them down. Keep the product in your wallet or on your keys and click the “find” button on the app, and your item will ring to alert you of its location. Or if your wallet never made it home, the app will show you its location on the map.

Get the Slim Finder from Tile starting at $53.99, which includes a yearlong subscription to the service.
A silk pillowcase that can cut down time spent on your beauty routine
Sleeping on the right pillowcase can do wonders for helping you look ready to tackle the day. A silk pillowcase can help prevent breakouts, keeps your hair from getting tangled and may reduce the appearance of sleep lines and puffiness. Try the highly reviewed “anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head” zippered pillowcase by Slip. A product that can reduce the time you spend on your beauty routine? Win.

Get the Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase from Amazon for $89.
A comfortable, nonslip mat that will make your morning workout easier
Exercise can be great (especially in the mornings), but it does have limitations if you're not using the right equipment. There is nothing worse than holding a downward dog, only to hurt your wrists while pressing your hands into a thin or poorly padded mat. Or getting frustrated when the mat slides around beneath you as you sweat. This mat is made from material originally created for carpet pads and grips tightly to the floor. It's well-padded and perfect for any morning flow or workout.

Get the B YOGA Everyday 4 mm Yoga Mat from Amazon starting at $84.

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