21 Products That Will Do The Household Jobs You've Neglected

It appears that today is the day you finally clean your oven.

Let’s be honest. Most if not ALL of us have some sort of household task that we’ve been putting off forever. Whether it’s cleaning a certain appliance, sprucing up some old furniture or just getting our personal belongings in tip-top shape. We get it and we’re here to help. These products will do all those pesky household jobs you’ve been neglecting since you’ve moved in and they’ll do it effortlessly.

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A pack of Affresh tablets
Make sure the thing making your dishes clean is also clean.

Promising review: "After using this product, I am happy to report that my $5 investment saved me over $500. I was ready to replace my dishwasher, due to super cloudy glasses, residue and just not getting clean. Then, I became aware that the water softener no longer was doing its job, so I had the rental company replace it. Dishwasher performance improved somewhat. I decided to do two more loads before deciding to purchase a new one. Then I saw a product test review for Affresh in Good Housekeeping magazine... When it came, I tossed one of the tablets into the bottom of the full machine, per instructions, and ran the regular cycle. I did not expect the results I got! The glassware that I thought was permanently etched and ruined came out like new. Same with cutlery. The difference is unbelievable. I will use this faithfully on a monthly basis, as recommended. I am amazed!" — Sheila

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A pet hair remover
It'll pull all the fur off your belongings. It turns out that white fur coat you own is actually a black denim jacket???

Promising review: "Holy cow this is magic. I have a 230 pound Mastiff. I have purchased any and everything claiming to get dog hair off car carpet. I have used at least three different vacuums and attachments. Lately I have been using a microfiber towel because it had some grip. Then this piece of magic arrived. It gets every single hair no matter how embedded. There were hairs I had a hard time removing with my fingers. The Fur-Zoff pulled them right out. This has cut my hair removal time in half! Thank you for this savior of a tool." — David R.

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A makeup brush shampoo
Ensure that the brushes that touch your delicate face are in tip-top shape. This solution is free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum and perfume!

Promising review: "I'm terrible when it comes to taking care of my makeup and brushes. Those badger brushes I paid a ton for? Pretty sure they were still holding onto powder and eyeshadow from six years ago. In a rare moment of responsibility, I finally broke down and started looking for a brush cleaner. I picked this one based almost entirely on the add-on pricing. Well, I can happily say that this cleaner does a bang-up job! My brushes were saturated with old color, to the point that I thought I might need to spring for a new set. A little of this cleaner, a handful of seconds working it in and rinsing, and my brushes look practically as good as the day I bought them! Saved me a ton of money in new brushes, and it didn't take away from my being-lazy time!" — Ysar

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A clothes folding board
It'll help you get neat and tidy duds every dang time. No more drawers brimming with crumpled clothing!

Promising review: "You would think folding is simple, but with this product, it's a perfect fold every time. It makes a pile of clothing so compact. Everything is uniformly folded. Makes putting clothes in drawers so much neater and more orderly. It makes my life easier." — S. Erhart

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A pack of Bottle Bright tablets
Revive that old, slimy water bottle you kind of have been ignoring for months. Just fill the bottle with water and drop in a tablet. Let it work its magic for half an hour and then rinse out.

Promising review: "In all fairness, I first heard of this product while watching Shark Tank, and their pitch was impressive so I gave the underdog a try. Now, I'm on my fourth re-order. My whole family drinks out of various name brand bottles, coffee mugs, etc. The fact is, they are rarely cleaned because they are a part of our daily lives and they are a pain in the ar$e to clean, because of the inconvenience that they are not dishwasher-safe, or don't fit. The answer is these tablets. They work and they're simple to use." — K.R.

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A ball of slime putty
It's really fun to play with — but don't forget to use it to clean up anything with lots of nooks and crannies.

Promising review: "I was skeptical at first. I was afraid my keyboard would be all gummed up with yellow slime! The opposite, it cleaned it as good as new. Got all those dog hairs between the keys! No smell lingering on the keyboard or my hands. No sign I even used it except a clean keyboard. Kind of fun to play with. LOL." — ZZZZZZ

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A blessedly effective carpet cleaner
It's capable of turning your brown carpet into whatever color it was when you bought it.

Promising review: "This is a wonderful product. I have an older dog who can't always wait until I get home from work so accidents occasionally happen. I have a Hoover Rug Scrubber and this product is very easy to use with my machine. Carpet Miracle works amazingly well on stains and odors, even those that have set for a while. I did the carpet in the 'room of shame' twice just to be sure, although for normal soil and odors once should be more than enough. It leaves behind a wonderfully clean, fresh scent, and the carpet feels and looks wonderful. I plan on continuing to use this product to keep my carpets clean and my home smelling fresh." — Vicky Faurot

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A trio of Scotch-Brite stainless steel scrubbers
Perfect for your more intense cleaning needs. Use 'em on uncoated cookware, broilers and more.

Promising review: "I’m so mad that I never knew these existed until this week. I’ve been struggling to clean my All Clad cookware and tired all sorts of methods but still no shine! These arrived yesterday and I immediately went in. I got all my pans and used these along with Bar Keepers Friend..OMG, unbelievable! Not a single stain left. Just the beautiful shiny All Clad as I remember! Buy these now. I know I’ll be reordering." — Joy

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A sweater pill removing stone
Breathe new life into your old sweatshirts. Celsious is a Black-owned, eco-friendly laundry brand founded by sisters Corinna and Theresa Williams.

Get it from Celsious for $17.
A sturdy, stackable shoe rack
Stop tripping over all your loose sneakers every time you walk through the door. Each three-tier rack can hold up to nine pairs of shoes.

Promising review: "This was SUPER easy to put together — it literally took me longer to open the box than it did for me to put the shelving together! I originally bought three and loved the look of them so much that I bought another three! It now holds ALL of our shoes in an organized row in our foyer, and now there's no clutter or mess in any of our closets. It also reminded me of ALL OF THE SHOES I own, and it's helped me to curb my shoe spending since I can now see exactly what I own!" — Joanna Kim

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Two-tier drawers
It's perfect for stacking your items without losing them forever to the black hole in the back of your cabinet.

Promising review: "As someone who desperately needed to organize their bathroom, this product became very helpful. It was easy to put together, fits nicely in my bathroom, and holds a lot of my necessities. I have attached a before and after picture. Very pleased." — Amazon Customer

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An over-the-toilet storage unit
So you can finally have enough space to fit your jumbo pack of toilet paper from Costco.

Get it from Amazon for $77.60.
A three-blade blinds cleaner
It comes with five removable microfiber sleeves so you can clean every single blind to your liking.

Promising review: "These blind cleaners are terrific! I've enjoyed cleaning houses and offices professionally for over 20 years and cleaning blinds is not always easy. I debated and debated what to buy, to try to make the process a bit easier. Within five minutes of using this, I was almost doing cartwheels — it really works! Best product I have ever used to clean blinds. My first time using it, I had eight different large blinds to clean, with skinny slats to boot, and this duster brush with refills DID THE JOB BEAUTIFULLY. I have gone from dreading cleaning blinds to actually enjoying the process. I could not be happier." — T.R.

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Garbage disposal cleaner
It's not only easy to use, but also very entertaining. Here's what you do: Run some hot water, pop one of the packets in your disposer, let it foam, then wait for the foam to fully disappear. Garbage disposer = clean and ickiness-free.

Promising review: "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE???! Holy cow, I didn't realize how easy and quick it was to clean a garbage disposal until I bought this product! Typically, I'd just use vinegar and baking soda down the drain and call it good. I didn't know that there was an actual disposal cleaning product available until I stumbled across it through a BuzzFeed article. I had to try it. The instructions are very simple. It literally takes five minutes and some hot water and VOILA! you have a clean, no-longer-stinky garbage disposal. Any time I got a whiff of an odor, all I did was drop one of these packs in the disposal and the smell was GONE! Plus, the blue foam bubbling in the sink was amusing to watch. Worth every penny!!" — VadersGirl

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Silver cleaning wipes
Because the last thing you need is a set of dirty silverware ~tarnishing~ your reputation.

Promising review: "It is very uncommon for me to write a review but this product is amazing. My family's silverware had not been polished in the 15 years since I married my husband. The only time I ever polished anything before it was messy and smelly and took forever. Therefore I didn't have any interest in polishing something that we weren't using. I decided to try these wipes because the price was reasonable. They are easy to use and do a wonderful job! The silverware looks silver! I used four wipes to polish a service of eight, and it took me about 20 minutes. I highly recommend this product!" — Kehrli

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An eco-friendly hard water strain remover
It'll banish the dreaded orange glow. You deserve to get clean in something that looks clean. It also works on a wide variety of surfaces like granite, steel, fiberglass, marble, chrome, stone, metal, porcelain, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and hard vinyl.

Promising review: "Amazing product! This is the absolute first time I have written a review for Amazon and I shop A LOT! I have been looking for something to get the hard water spots off my shower door and this did the trick! I've used it on all my bathroom fixtures and they are sparkling. It makes me want to keep cleaning; it works that well. It's a plus that there are no fumes and it's safe to use without gloves! Product actually smells really good, like toothpaste. I've already told my family about it! Will definite buy again." — loveshoes!

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A toilet cleaning wand
You'll think this must be a REAL magic wand, because what earthly product could possibly work so well? You get a caddy with a wand and six disposable sponges. Simply attach the disposable sponge to the wand, scrub around the whole toilet bowl, and pop the sponge in the trash (you never have to touch it!). You can also get more sponges when you're done with those included.

Promising review: "So, we have a toilet that belongs to the cats. We don't use it, we don't look at it, we like to pretend it does not exist. Even with semi-regular flushing, cat waste is pretty nasty stuff and built up quickly in the bowl. One of these wands cleaned it up in a single session!" — Whitney

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A leather cleaner
It'll bring your furniture, car seats, bags, shoes and more back to useable condition.

Promising review: "I've used this on all of my favorite shoes and boots. Then I used it on my purse. It's enjoyable seeing how much improvement you can see on beat-up leather. The scent is what sold me on this product. I loved that it was an almond scent. But the results are so much better. It took about two minutes to clean them up. Highly recommended. Also their customer service is top-notch." — RileyD

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Reusable microfiber pads
They're compatible with a Swiffer WetJet. Good for the environment and your wallet!

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Star string lights
You can add these to any room to make it instantly cozier. They're battery powered and have three settings: on, off, and flash.

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Peel-and stick-fake marble
It can go onto basically everything, because granite countertops are not in your budget or your landlord's budget.

Promising review: "Used a little more than one roll for a quick makeover for an ugly fireplace in a rental apartment. It was easy to cover the tiles with the film, and I could stretch the film out about 1 mm if I had cut the strip too short. It makes a huge difference for minimal effort/price. I don't think anyone would be squinting down at the floor to notice the slightly pixelated pattern." — zhen

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