19 Products That Make Life With Senior Pets Easier

From icky skin and joint issues to allergies and dental woes, we've seen it all.
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When I adopted a dog in my early 20s, it did not cross my (naive) mind that one day I would be navigating the world of senior pets and all that comes with it. However, nearly 16 years later, my scruffy, grumpy little creature is still thriving in her own decrepit way. At this stage in pet ownership, I’ve seen it all, from icky skin and joint issues to allergies, heart disease and dental woes. Luckily, we live in a time when there are myriad products to help senior pets feel more comfortable and set pet parents’ minds at ease.

Below, I’ve rounded up a few of the pet products that have helped me keep my sanity and made my pup feel comfortable, cozy and pain-free. They run the gamut from supportive orthopedic beds to dental chews, cones and more. Each of these are highly rated, with excellent reviews and a range of price points, so you can make life with your senior dog just a little bit easier. They deserve to enjoy their golden years just as much as anyone else.

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Nutramax Cosequin joint health supplement for cats
This soft chew for cats can help even the creakiest little ones out there regain a bit of their youthful vitality. It's made with glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3 fatty acids, which support healthy, supple joints as well as strengthen the health of their skin, coat and overall well-being.

Promising review: "I bought these because my elderly cat was having mobility issues, she couldn't jump up on the couch anymore and I noticed when she was sleeping she would get up and slowly change positions from side to side more often because she was in pain. So I bought her some cat steps so she could get up on the couch and the bed. I started giving her these and within a few weeks she had improved significantly! She was racing up to the top of her Tower which she hadn't done in months, she was able to jump up on the couch and the windowsill like she used to, I also started giving her Nordic naturals omega-3 fish oil and Lazarus natural CBD oil and today I couldn't believe my eyes when she scaled the 6-ft fence in my backyard like she used to do when she was young!! Absolutely amazing turnaround from where she was a year and a half ago before I started giving her these!!" — Geneveve
ChomChom pet hair remover
Is it just me or does shedding get even worse when a dog hits her golden years? This tool is consistently a top-selling item here at HuffPost, and for good reason. It's a multi-surface pet hair remover tool that is fast and reusable and picks up all sorts of hair and fur off furniture, rugs, clothes and more.

Promising review: "This thing is an unbelievable device. It does not look or feel like it should do what it does but I am still amazed every time I use it. I’ve had it for a minute but what motivated me to write the review- I had finished grooming my cat and was using my pro pet vac to clean up and the hair did not budge from my black velvet chairs. I usually have to use my hands to scrape together every last piece. These chairs defy anything I have ever tried to get the hair off & then I was like duh I have a chom chom and here I sit with my mouth open it took the hair off all four chairs in minutes after not budging with a high powered pet vac!! This will take the hair off of anything clothes furniture bedspreads it feels like a superpower!! Do not let the price stop you. I knew about this years ago and thought over $30 I’ll stick with my sticky rollers Nope you will never look back and will have 0 buyer’s remorse this should come with every pet!” — Elle
BedSure orthopedic bed for dogs
This all-season pet bed can be tucked into a crate or used on its own. It's nice to give old dogs a bit more support when they start to get stiff and arthritic — and this highly-rated pet bed makes it easy. It has a two-sided design that is made with cozy fleece on one side. It's long-lasting and durable and made with supportive high-density foam that distributes weight evenly and can help to reduce discomfort. It comes in 10 colors and eight different sizes.

Promising review: "I bought this XXL bed approx 6 months ago. I underestimated the size and got quite annoyed with how much room it took up. I contemplated donating it, but our old doggos LOVED IT! So we dealt with it. I'm writing this review now because a few days ago one of our dogs lost complete function in her legs suddenly. So while she's being treated for possible tick borne illness we knew we couldn't keep her in our bed for fear of her falling out. So I dragged this oversized dog bed into the bedroom and slept with her on it so she didn't feel alone. I had the best sleep I've had in years. I'm 43 and constantly wake up in pain and gone through multiple different mattress over the years. One night sleeping on this dog bed and I am considering buying another one and dragging our king size mattress to the curb. So if you want a bed for your senior dogs that will give them the best support and most comfort ?...this is the one!!! And if you struggle with discomfort sleeping, consider buying it for yourself :-)" — sagebaby33
A sturdy pet ramp
Available in two colors, this pet ramp can make it easier for your aging dog or cat to get on and off the bed or couch without risking injury due to a fall. (My dog is constantly trying to jump on the couch and missing, which stresses out the entire household. A ramp is just what she needs to make her life easier.) This popular ramp supports animals up to 120 pounds and has a no-slip construction so it stays put.

Promising reviews: "HAVE A TALL BED? Have you tried lugging the ramp from your living room like I did and it's so short and steep they won't go near it? GET THIS RAMP! Perfect for my Boston Terriers! Was looking for a ramp to fit the height of my queen bed, 28 inches. Also wanted a not-so-steep incline. Since it runs the length of the bed, it's a steady climb. I especially love the landing at the top. They don't hesitate to use it at all! Great price, easy to put together. Didn't even need the instructions. Do it!" — Darla Presti
OraVet dental chews
For certain dog breeds, gnarly teeth often come with the territory — and my pup, Maeby, has endured her fair share of issues. A lot of it is par for the course with Chihuahuas, who are extremely prone to periodontal disease even with interventions like regular teeth brushing, professional cleanings and special teeth treats. My vet recommended these dental hygiene chews and my picky pup took to them right away. OraVet chews work to reduce existing plaque and prevent future build-up. The act of chewing loosens and dislodges plaque, helping it break away from teeth. These chews are also the first and so far only dental hygiene product for dogs made with delmopinol, a plaque-fighting compound that creates a barrier to help prevent bacteria from attaching to a pup’s teeth.

Promising review: “I love these!! I’m a veterinary dental technician and pet teeth/health are my jam. I’ve gone to many dental conferences and always visit the sites and have used these for my own dogs and recommend them to ALL my clients for prevention and aftercare once I do a full anesthetic dental. Don’t use any other product! The company has such great testing and quality. Easily palatable and digestible for canine GI systems. Again - it’s the ONLY thing I recommend other than daily brushing if owners are up for that task. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I brushed my dogs’ teeth. I have 2 young kids, a full-time job, run a home - I don’t have time or the stress level for daily brushing. I can’t sing enough praises for this product! You will not be let down. But - your dog can’t have a giant amount of tarter. Start young while there’s minimal tarter or start after a proper full cleaning by a professional.” — Rae
A powerful stain and odor eliminator
Old age has made it more difficult for my dog to control her bladder and keep her food down. Lets just say that my rugs have seen better days. This stain and odor eliminator does more than just get rid of stinky smells, it actually fights the stains that are creating those odors. Use it on anything and everything in your home. It's a must for anyone comes across pet accidents of any kind.

Promising review: "I've been using Rocco & Roxie stain and odor eliminator for years and it's never failed me! From dog urine stains to spilled wine, this has been able to destroy the toughest stains and odors. I had a carpet stain in my apartment that was there for almost two years and this solution helped get rid of it! A must-have for new and long-time pet owners. It's a household essential." —NWDogDad
A pair of pet grooming gloves
Maeby's skin has become super sensitive as she's gotten older, and she doesn't like traditional dog brushes anymore. These grooming gloves are a lifesaver — they're just as good at ridding her of her thick undercoat as they are gentle on her skin. They're lightweight, machine washable and come in five different colors. Reviewers note that it's great for both dogs and cats.

Promising review: "I got these to help keep down the shed inside my home when I adopted my most recent pup. I like to spray the gloves with a doggie deodorant and wipe her down outside a few times a week. It really works and I can tell that she has less shedding since I started this regularly. She enjoys the rub down an it’s a way to spend time with her in addition to keeping my home cleaner. I use it for bath time too. I feel like her fur is softer and shinier now too. The first time I used it, I was rubbing and brushing for awhile until I felt as though I got most of the lose fur! It was addicting to remove all the loose stuff! And it was a lot! But I’ll say the amount has lessened as we’ve made this a routine when we’re outside. I’m sure it feels good to her too. Good product." — June
A pet-friendly cordless vacuum from Dyson
Everything about the Animal line of Dyson cordless stick vacs is designed to make life with pets easier, but you don't necessarily need to have a pet to enjoy the benefits. My V11 Animal has incredibly powerful suction and is even engineered to capture tiny particles like allergens and bacteria, which is key, since both my dog and I have allergies. I find that a single charge can last up to an hour. (With older models of the Animal, the charge doesn’t last quite as long, but definitely lasts long enough to clean whole apartments and smaller homes). It's lightweight, easy to maneuver and leaves my floors squeaky clean.

Promising review: "I just sold a year-old Miele C3 to get this and I'm glad. The Dyson seems to have better suction power on hardwood and carpet. It's cordless too. That was my biggest gripe about the Miele. It's corded and the cord is SHORT. You had to pay extra for a sensibly-long cord...LOL. Another thing with the Miele is that it rolls on 3 wheels. I'd often find it rolling over on its side. Oh, and it used bags too. I didn't bother reading the directions with the Dyson. It was easy to assemble and easy to use. The motorized unit connects to the tube wand and that connects to the actual vacuum attachment that is on the floor. It powers on with one button. Clean-out was just a matter of a simple, physical button as well. The only thing that could be improved is the width of the vacuum attachment so you can clean more area per swoop/glide. That wasn't a deal-breaker for me and I'm glad I spent the money on the V11." – Delaware
Natural Dog Company Snout Soother nose balm
There's nothing sadder than seeing your fur baby crusty and dry, but this snout soother helps to keep dryness at bay. It treats, heals and protects dry, chapped noses and dry skin with vegan ingredients including shea butter, chamomile, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and rosemary extract. It's an easy way to help protect against painful cracking and dryness or even bleeding and infection.

Promising review: "Add me to the list of people who just didn't know if this would work. I have a Shih Tzu and his growth looked similar to the others but his was closer ţo the top of his nose where most pictured are towards the bottom. First 2 days nothing. 3rd day I put it on thinking nothing had happened and then I noticed a tiny black speck in my finger. So I put more on it later and the same thing! So into day 5 of my putting it on 2 to 3 times per day and it's 75% gone. It honest to goodness works! :-) I give him treat, then put it on while calling him a good boy, and then give him a treat afterwards. I don't want him to think it's punishment because he doesn't particularly like it. ;-)" — Abbie Normal
Amazon Basics training pads
Despite being a lifelong three-times-a-day gal for the vast majority of her life, my dog can't quite seem to make it outside most days anymore, which is why these piddle pads have been a total gamechanger. Whether you're pup is incontinent, going to the bathroom more often or just can't hold it for long stretches anymore, these pee pads will come in handy. Get them scented or unscented in a variety of sizes and keep your floors and rugs safe.

Promising review: "My dog became very ill and was put on a high dose of Prednisone. He needed indoor pads because he had to go urgently and often. These pads were excellent. I had used the same pads years ago when he was a puppy." — Deborah Reiner
Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites supplement for dogs
Much like mine, my dog's allergies have only gotten worse with age, so I've gone looking for supplement to help alleviate her symptoms. Available in four flavors for dogs and one flavor for cats, these immune-supporting chews can help to mitigate seasonal allergies in the form of a treat. They're made with salmon oil, colostrum, probiotics that help support gut health, and more.

Promising review: "After bringing home my new pup from the local shelter, she developed some bad allergies to something in my backyard. Don't know if it was spring allergies that were the cause, but she was scratching her ears a lot, one eye was really irritated, and she was chewing her paws raw. After reading the reviews on this product, even the less positive reviews of bad taste/smell and not working very quickly, I figured I'd at least give them a try since the price was good. I am glad I did!! Within 2 days she was chewing less on her paws and her eye started to look a bit better. Within 10 days she's completely stopped all her allergy related symptoms and is a much more energetic pup! I'm even giving them to my older boy who started having some seasonal allergy issues with his eyes and they've helped tremendously! I will definitely purchase again." — Marise Krut
Skout's Honor probiotic itch relief shampoo
Last spring and summer, Maeby got a serious skin infection as a result of her allergies. Alongside medication from her vet, this shampoo did wonders with relieving her discomfort. It's a probiotic shampoo formulated to calm and heal itchy, sensitive skin. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and rich with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil. It's now my go-to for her shampoos, regardless of how her skin is doing.

Promising review: "This stuff is magic! I have tried everything for my doggo's seasonal allergies. Every year he scratches and pretty much chews the fur off of his rear end. I bought this stuff and bathed him with it yesterday and VOILA! No more itching or scratching whatsoever. His fur is also VERY soft and fluffy and he smells fantastic. This stuff is a WIN! If your doggy also suffers with seasonal allergies, I HIGHLY recommend this stuff!" — Kimberly Zittlow
A dog-lifting harness
Once a dog loses mobility, it can be difficult to get them around the house or to the car, especially if they're very big. This dog-lifting harness can help to distribute their weight evenly and help you get them where they need to go. It comes in two sizes, is made with soft, breathable fabric and comes with its very own storage bag.

Promising review: "The product is longer than i expected but it’s still very sturdy and seems comfortable for my dog. i use this to assist him in walking up the stairs or getting into my suv, but i plan on using it for whatever he needs help with as he ages. it’s nice because you can stand and hold it without having to hunch over, saving your posture and back as well." — Christine
A heated cat bed
Soothe your cat's aches and pains with a heated cat bed. My sister and her partner swear by this one for their very particular kitty. It's energy-efficient, automatic, machine-washable and, most importantly, provides a cozy haven for cats. It's available in two sizes.

Promising review: "I have two feral cats that I care for on my property. They began to trust me enough to pet them a little and come into my garage. I set up a little spot for them with these beds to keep warm in the winter.....that was seven years ago! These beds have lasted seven years in my garage! I have washed them several times by removing the heating pad and running through the washing machine. They love these beds and sleep in them every night. In the summer I unplug the beds so it isn't too hot. They have slept in them every night for seven years. I just came back to order one more because I have a stray now that has made friends with my ferals and he needs a spot to sleep too. I had to write a review when I realized how long they have lasted. Fantastic cat beds! Money well spent." — Fleurdemae
A soft space ring cone
My parents’ dog was recently diagnosed with melanoma and has a pretty gnarly tumor on his paw. My mom has frantically been trying to find ways to keep him from licking it without making him uncomfortable or diminishing his quality of life. After trying out countless different cone and dog shoe variations, this UFO-style cone has come out on top. According to my mom's most recent report, it doesn't obscure his vision or get wet when he drinks water, is made with soft, cushy material that acts as a pillow when he lies down and he can't reach his paw. It's available in four sizes and four colors.

Promising review: "Such a relief to find this one! My Shiba had surgery on her back knee and this was the only comfy-cone that she liked while also keeping her from getting to her injury. I got both a hard and a soft cone for her, they both stopped her from licking but she couldn't navigate with them and had a very hard time eating and drinking. I tried a few other brands of donut cones but she could still reach her back leg in them, and then the next size ups were too big and she could easily pull them off. So thankful find this one. She was happy and comfortable in it and was never able to reach her back knee. So happy for her!!!" — riittle
A soothing, purring cat toy
Older and anxious kitties might get comfort from this purring plushy. It's a touch-activated, soft, cozy pillow to cuddle with that is great for cats of all ages. The familiar purring sound helps to calm them and help them feel safe.

Promising review: "After being attacked by a hawk Mr.Kitty needed something to ease his trauma. He looked at the toy and was not afraid. ( Some cats don't like things with EYES) This toy has closed eyes. I fed him special treats by laying them on the toy while it was "purring". It worked fine. He won't play with the toy but is soothed to hear the "purring" even though it is loud. It comforts him!" — Private
A set of elevated food and water bowls
Depending on your dog's needs, keeping their food and water at shoulder height might make them more comfortable. I switched Maeby to an elevated bowl set a couple of years ago and it's made a big difference in how much she eats and her digestion. Available in three colors, this metal and bamboo stand is durable, long-lasting and has a simple, elegant silhouette. It's leak-proof with anti-slip feet and available in four sizes.

Promising review: "My old lab is 13 now and was having trouble bending down for her food and water bowls. This raised the bowls so she doesn’t have to stretch to reach them. Good investment for a great older dog." — Don P.
Reusable wrap diapers for male dogs
Incontinence sucks, but there are ways to keep both pet and your home clean — like these reusable wrap diapers. Reviewers recommend inserting an incontinence or sanitary napkin inside them. They're snug and adjustable, won't feel icky like a paper diaper and don't irritate your pup's skin. They're available in packs of three in four color combinations and seven different sizes.

Promising review: "Love these!!! I line them with a Poise panty pad (absorbency to 5) and place on my male dog who has gotten up in years. Put them on when it’s bedtime and when I leave, no more accidents to clean up!! I purchased several to enable washing and dry time between uses. I’ve had friends purchase for theirs as well." — Lucinda Molina
Pet medical booties
These little booties come in handy when you want to keep an injury, wound or hot spot clean. They come in a variety of different sizes and are easy to use. They are flexible, breathable and come in packs of 12 or 20. My mom has already ordered a few for her dog in the hopes that she can wean him off the cone soon. From the looks of these reviews, she may be on the right track.

Promising review: "Every dog is probably different, but this bandage has meant he doesn’t have to wear an e-collar while his paw heals from a hotspot. It’s a little tricky to turn it inside out, but given the complex bio-dynamics of a dog paw it is somewhat ingenious in design. Once one, it stays in place, and doesn’t seem to irritate or bother him. Each one lasts us about a day and he only wears it inside. We do remove it and put it back on every time he goes out, but perhaps others have kept it on for outdoors." — Inspector Gadget

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