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8 Products From Small Businesses in Amazon Launchpad To Elevate Your Every Day

Brighten your day with good deeds, innovative products and a whole new way of supporting small businesses.

While Amazon Launchpad equips entrepreneurs with tools to help them succeed, we get to do our part by supporting the unique products these small business owners have to offer. From portable blenders to personal fireplaces, here are eight products from small brands that will surely elevate your day.

A stainless steel water bottle
Amazon Launchpad
This stainless steel water bottle with a storage/stash compartment keeps your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours AND stores your personal items.
A portable blender
Amazon Launchpad
This portable blender is super easy to use, has 6 powerful zigzag blades and is a must-have for your daily travel bag.
A meal-prep kit
Amazon Launchpad
This meal-prep kit helps you store everything you need for your meal in one place while keeping your kitchen space neat and organized.
A personal fireplace
Amazon Launchpad
This personal fireplace helps set the perfect ambiance for any indoor or outdoor area.
A Bluetooth shower speaker
Amazon Launchpad
This Bluetooth shower speaker is built to blast music, is waterproof and fully submersible.
An ingrown hair remover
Amazon Launchpad
This ingrown hair remover helps remove ingrown hair and repair razor bumps while also working as a body massager.
A bedside shelf
Amazon Launchpad
This bedside shelf for your bed helps you make the absolute most out of your space.
A vegan lip balm
Amazon Launchpad
This vegan lip balm gives your lips a hydrated and refreshing look.

Amazon Launchpad makes supporting small businesses convenient, reliable and inspiring. Visit Amazon Launchpad and start supporting small businesses today!