19 Cool Organizing Products For Tricking Your Messy Teen Into Tidying Up

Make it easier for your teen to stay on top of their living area without constant reminders.
A cactus jewelry dish, a toiletry and makeup organizer and a honeycomb drawer organizer.

Staying neat and organized is a challenge for us all, regardless of age, lifestyle or profession. But perennially messiness seems to be an affliction that often strikes our beloved youths, much to many parents’ chagrin.

No one likes to nag or be nagged, but a gentle guiding hand is often necessary to help tweens and teens stay on top of their bedroom organization issues. Having cute organizational items in their areas can help make it easy for them to stay tidy without constant reminders.

To help keep your home nicely sorted and peaceful, we’ve rounded up 19 organizational items for your messy teen that are as cute as they are functional. They’ll help motivate your loved one to stay on top of their living area and maybe even get them to look forward to tidying up.

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A cactus jewelry tray
It doesn't get more precious is this cactus ring holder. It's the perfect catchall for an accessories-loving teen. Place it on a bedside table or bathroom countertop to help them keep their jewelry corralled. Who wouldn't want to plop their baubles in this little cutie?
A rustic-cool laundry hamper
If you've got a laundry situation on your hands, then maybe a cool new laundry hamper will motivate your teen to get their clothes from floor to basket. This beauty from Food52 has a steel frame and canvas bag, and comes in four different colors and a variety of sizes.
A shell-shaped stoneware bowl
If you've got a fancy, beach-loving youth on your hands, then they'll love this stone bowl. It is shaped like an elegant shell with a fluted finish and is perfect for catching items that would otherwise clutter up their space.
West Elm
A cosmetics organizer
This multi-functional cosmetics organizer is just what your teen's bathroom counters need. It has a simple modern minimalist silhouette and includes a removable cup that makes it easy and convenient to store makeup brushes.
Pottery Barn
A chic desktop organizer
Made of strong engineered wood, this desktop organizer is an excellent and unassuming way to keep your teen's workspace neat and tidy. It's visually unobtrusive and wildly convenient, perfect for keeping track of notes, writing utensils, glasses, smartphones and other essentials. It can easily be wiped clean and fits seamlessly with any decor aesthetic.
Open Spaces
A stylish versatile storage rack
I've long had my eye on an Open Spaces shoe rack — they're smart, stylish and uniquely designed. Available in seven colors, they're ideal for keeping shoes neat or displaying decorative objects, books, catchall trays and more.
An over-the-door hanging shoe organizer
Available in five fun colors, this hanging organizer can be used for everything from shoes to art projects, makeup, accessories and more. It has 24 clear pockets and can be hung from any standard-sized door.
A narrow rolling storage cart
This versatile little cart can go anywhere your teen needs a little extra organizational help. It's perfect in the bathroom for toiletries or can be tucked in a bedroom and display knick knacks while also storing school supplies, pencils, a smartphone and other potential clutter. It's available in black or white.
A metal study desk organizer
For anyone looking for a more compact and simple desktop organizer, this metal option is ideal for popping in pens and pencils, school supplies, glasses and more. It's available in three colors and adds a sweet pop of color to a space.
A honeycomb-shaped drawer organizer
Keeping drawers from becoming overwhelming, unsightly disasters is no easy feat, but these drawer organizers make it easy. They expand to fit any size drawer and snap together with ease to create the configuration of your choice. The honeycomb design is incredibly functional, but I also happen to think it makes your personal items look adorable.
West Elm
Slim floating shelves
Stylish floating shelves are a great way to add visual interest while also providing additional storage space for items like knick knacks, books and basically anything that might otherwise feel like clutter when it's piled up on a desk or dresser. This set from West Elm is available in two colors and four different sizes, so you can get as many as you want in whatever size you need.
A set of dresser drawer organizers
These drawer organizers may be more utilitarian than they are cute, but they'll add much-needed and appreciated zen to even the messiest of dressers. Available in seven colors, they're made of lightweight fabric and are ideal for organizing socks, undies, bras, scarves, shirts and much more.
A hanging T-shirt organizer
If your teen has more shirts and hoodies than they know what to do with, check out this over-the-door hanging organizer from Etsy seller TheRollKeeper. It couldn't be easier to use, is a major space-saver and, most importantly, looks cool. It is available in three sizes with adjustable bands and can hold up to 30 large rolled-up clothing items.
A pair of woven baskets
Available in five different colors and two different sizes, these woven baskets are a great way to keep mess at bay. They're made of natural water hyacinth, and are versatile enough to use for storing toiletries, hand towels, games, magazines, devices, school supplies and a whole lot more. They're hand-woven over an iron frame so you don't have to worry about them crumpling with use.
A set of three glass apothecary jars
Available with black or silver tops, these classic apothecary jars are a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to corral hair ties, clips, cotton balls, Q-tips and more. They look good, make essentials easily accessible and are available at a reasonable price point.
A baseball cap hanger
All you need is a single hanger and this nifty little cloth and clip organizer to keep baseball caps tidy and easy to grab. It comes in seven different colors, is made with nylon, and is adjustable to accommodate the style of hangers that you use.
An over-the-cabinet-door hair tool organizer
Clear countertops and rid yourself of the unsightly tangle of hair appliance cables with this cabinet-door organizer. It's perfect for heat styling tools, combs, brushes and more. And since it's made of steel wire, you can tools while they're still hot, so even the most impatient among us won't have an excuse to not tuck them back away.
A behind-the-door storage cabinet
Utilize the wasted space behind the bedroom or bathroom door with a slim, minimalist cabinet. It's a great spot to tuck away everything from knick knacks to school supplies, accessories, beauty gear and more. It has adjustable shelves and rods so it can be customized to fit your own specific needs — and look good while doing it.
A five-section closet organizer
If you've got a closet disaster on your hands, check out this easy-to-hang closet shelving system. It's made with strong, breathable fabric that won't get stinky, and has reinforced seams and a sturdy steel frame that will keep everything safely in place and acessible. It's ideal for clothes, shoes or even accessories like purses and scarves. It's an easy fix that won't break the bank.

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