19 Items That Have Saved Reviewers And HuffPost Editors Money

These purchases will allow you to cut down on your spending in no time.
A Revlon One-Step volumizer brush, Stasher reusable snack bag, Anova Culinary vacuum sealer and LifeStraw Go bottle

The other day, a friend and I were discussing how it seems just going outside automatically costs $100. But even though the price of groceries is sky-high and you may find it difficult to continue budgeting for your daily latte (I’m guilty), there are ways to make life just a little easier by investing in products that will ultimately save you money in the long run.

For example, if you introduce a coffee or espresso machine to your kitchen, it will cut down on spending for beverages at your local cafe. Plus, you can have a cup whenever you want, with as many flavored syrups as your heart desires. Or if you’re tired of constantly seeing repeat paper towel purchases on your bank statements, you can switch to reusable dishcloths that are loved by reviewers and HuffPost staff alike.

No matter what category it is that you’d like to cut costs on, we have you covered with 18 money-saving items that are sure to make your wallet smile.

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Halo Bolt portable car jump starter and charger
If you've ever had your car battery die on you, you know the panic and frustration of figuring out what to do next — especially if you don't have access to roadside assistance. But even if you do, you can trim some of your costs by investing in a portable car jump starter. This one has enough power to jump start your car, truck, boat, motorcycle or lawn mower and even comes with cables. It's also great for power on road trips thanks to the two USB ports that can charge your phone, tablet and more.

Promising review:
"Excellent device for keeping in the vehicle. It has not only charged phone, laptop AND run a tiny AC fan, but jump-started my dead battery NO PROBLEM! Already saved me time and $ in roadside assistance! A+ Halo" — Elizabeth McWilliams
Revlon One-Step volumizer brush
We've written about this beloved Revlon hot air brush multiple times at HuffPost and it even made its way onto our list of best-selling items in 2022. It's the perfect beauty tool for saving money and time on salon blowouts. Boasting a mix of pinned and tufted bristles, it works to detangle and ensure shine with even super thick hair, providing a streamlined process and a picture-ready hairdo. The large surface area of the brush helps disperse heat quicker, meaning it won't take 72 hours to dry long hair.

Promising review: "I literally love this tool. Before this I use to constantly go to the salon to blow dry my hair. Since I have curly hair it’s not easy blow drying it at home with a normal blow dryer, but this makes it so much easier. I have saved a lot of money using this as an alternative to keep my hair smooth and dry. It also drys my hair pretty quickly and I have a lot of hair. 10/10" — Esperanza
LifeStraw Go bottle
Skip buying a ton of single-use plastic water bottles and opt for this reusable bottle from LifeStraw instead. The filter protects against all manner of things, from microplastics to chlorine, grime, sand, cloudiness, organic chemical matter and bacteria, making it an ideal choice for staying hydrated during hikes and travel. It's strong and durable, and the microfilter also has an incredibly long shelf life, making it an excellent investment.

Promising review: "I used this in an area where water came from a well that had fishies swimming in it. Never got sick for one second and lived to tell the tale. I can also put city tap water in it and save money and cut down on plastic bottles. Not only that, a child in need will get one of these for my purchase. It's a great product and the price is cheaper than a hospital stay. I definitely recommend." — JP
De'Longhi Stilosa espresso machine
Decrease the amount of money you spend at your favorite coffee shop by getting this sleek, budget-friendly espresso machine. It can be used to make lattes, cappuccinos and espressos with just a few simple steps. The 15-bar pump creates the pressure needed to extract espresso, and the milk frother makes thick, silky foam.

Promising review: "I’m absolutely in love with this machine. It makes the best tasting espresso ever. I’ve tried to many other ways to make coffee. French press, stovetop coffee the old fashioned way, a regular coffee maker, the keurig. Nothing comes close to this espresso machine. It’s saved me so much money on Starbucks trips, just do it!!!" — Kiley
A 10-pack of Swedish dishcloths
If you find yourself going through way too many rolls of paper towels, you may want to consider switching to Swedish dishcloths. Multiple editors at HuffPost swear by these long-lasting, multipurpose towels. The 10-pack from Swedish Wholesale is available in eight different colors or an assorted color pack (pictured) if you prefer a bit of variety. They're extremely absorbent, reusable and can clean a variety of surfaces.

Promising review: "Loved these dish cloths they are absolutely amazing. They absorb well, are easy to clean, and easily replace situations where I would normally use paper towels. These are a great way to save some money from constantly rebuying paper towels. When using them to dry dishes, they absorb incredibly well and are extremely versatile. Would and probably will buy again!" — Virginia
Ninja professional blender
If you're trying to curb your frequent trips to your local smoothie shop, one way to cut costs in the long run is to invest in a blender to use at home. This way, you can have as many fruits, veggies and juices as you want — whenever you want — without having to pay every day. This Ninja blender holds up to 72 ounces, making it suitable for whipping up smoothies for your whole family.

Promising review: "This Ninja blender is fully functional, perfect for smoothies and mixed drinks! Definitely a great save of money than buying expensive smoothies at Smoothie King that we can easily make at home!" — Erran C
A gel manicure kit
Give yourself a salon-quality gel manicure at home with this kit that comes with all the supplies you need for a perfect set, including an LED curing light to harden the gel and acetone to remove it. You can find a wide range of gel nail colors starting at $9.99 on Amazon.

Promising review: "This set saved me so much money not having have to go to salons. Also, doing your nails at home makes you have everything clean, not worrying about sanitization and my nails under are still healthy. Just note that it is easier to apply dark colors than light - it is a paradox, but it works for me that way." — Katerina
A 2-pack of Kasa Wi-Fi-connective smart plugs
It's time to make your home smart. The Kasa smart plugs, which are compatible with Alexa and Google, transform plugged-in home electronics into devices that can be controlled remotely via app or voice. You can also set schedules for certain electronics that you want to automatically turn off and on, meaning your appliances won't be left on for hours on end, spiking your electricity bill.

Promising review: "These really helped keep the power bill down this winter. We used them for Christmas lights and the electric heater. The lights we put on a timer. The fireplace we just set to go off every few hours so that it wasn't getting left on. I really liked that I could see what was on from my phone and program it remotely." — Megan Petros
SodaStream sparkling water maker
Sparkling water fans will surely get major use out of this handy machine that makes sparkling water with just a touch of a button. No more grocery store runs to stock up on expensive sparkling water. You can choose from three levels of carbonation, and the machine is compatible with all SodaStream flavors and reusable carbonation bottles.

Promising review: "Got for my husband for his birthday. We were going through 3 cases of sparkling water a week because he HAS to have sparkling water. I decided to give it a try and he’s obsessed. We’re saving money in the long run, the flavor is great when you add the essence, and it’s easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter or cabinets." — Shelby
A sewing kit
So you noticed your favorite shirt has a hole in it and you don't want to throw it out or buy another one. Fear not! A simple sewing kit such as this will be a life- and money-saver. It comes with everything you need to patch up small holes and sew buttons back onto clothing, including threads, scissors, sewing needles and a thimble.

Promising review: "I've used it to fix all kinds of things so far, my kids stuffed animals, pillows, etc.. saves a lot of replacing things when they accidentally get damaged or on occasion get stuck on something and ripped. Sewed back on some buttons for school shirts also. Get overall kit for general purpose stuff." — Xion
Shark steam pocket mop
Steam mops may save you money in the long run since they only need water and don't require any additional cleaning chemicals to kill bacteria, thanks to the high temperature steam. It's worth swapping out your old mop and bucket for this Shark steam mop, which heats up water in just 30 seconds and offers 99.9% sanitization against germs and bacteria. The mop also comes with two washable microfiber pads that pick up stubborn dirt and debris, all while saving you money on replacement pads.

Promising review: "I have an old dog with a bladder control problem, so my floors get mopped almost every day. This does a great job and the reusable pads save a lot of money. I had a different type that used one-time pads and I was going through a whole box every week. This does as good a job without the additional cost." — Michael A. Bynack
Stasher reusable snack bag
These rather chic bags are self-sealing, reusable and made from 100% silicone that's safe to use in your microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher. They act as an eco-friendly alternative to small plastic baggies you'd normally use for snacks on the go. They're available in multiple colors, including purple, yellow, blue, green and red.

Promising review: "I use this product to hold chips, crackers, & some fruits. It saves money in the long run, and I love that I’m using less plastic which benefits the earth and my body." — Lauren
Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask
Though it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, this techy beauty gadget is indeed worth the eye-popping price tag and pays off longterm, according to senior shopping writer Lourdes Uribe’s thorough review. It's beloved by celebrities and uses LED lights over the entire face to target the look of wrinkles and breakouts, benefits that Uribe says have saved her several coins since she started using it.

"It has helped reduce my acne, so i'm on less prescription stuff and have less dermatology visits, and I don't have to pay more for light therapy during a facial because I can do it at home," Uribe told me.
A pair of mega packs of freezer bags
I recently watched a TikTok in which the user was talking about how helpful it is to freeze almost everything. And as inflation continues to persist, finding easy ways to make your groceries last longer is a smart idea. These gallon freezer bags feature a triple seal system designed to protect your food from freezer burn. It comes in two packs with 60 bags in each.

Promising review: "Grocery prices are continually rising so I take advantage of weekly sales like BOGO’s & more. These bags allow me to safely package and freeze the extra meats, veggies & fruits to enjoy at a later date. They protect freshness & flavor while taking up little freezer space. And, depending on how you package/wrap, the bags are reusable." — Sandra Gill
A vacuum sealer
Speaking of getting the most out of your expensive groceries, a vacuum sealer can be used for everyday food storage. It works by sucking the air out of a plastic storage bag and then sealing it to keep foods like meats and veggies protected from oxygen-fueled spoiling. The Anova Culinary vacuum sealer even comes with 10 pre-cut vacuum sealer bags to get your food preservation plan started.

Promising review: "It really is worth the money, I've had one before and just loved it I buy my meats in large amounts so I don't have to run to the store every few days, and because I do it fills up my chest freezer because of all the bags. Now I can reclaim freezer space and organization. I highly recommend it" — Bill Baker
A tire repair kit
There are few things worse than getting a flat tire when you're in the middle of nowhere — or anywhere, for that matter. But this handy kit comes with everything you need to fix tire punctures without having to spend time and money taking your car to a shop.

Promising review: "Saved money on a tire repair by doing it myself. It's held up for a month now and a vacation over 3000 miles, so I'm very satisfied. I keep the kit in my car in case I have a flat, or someone else does that I can help, while on the road." — D&B ROBB
Nyx brow glue
During yet another scroll session, I came across this TikTok that not only convinced me to buy Nyx brow glue, but to also give up my brow lamination appointments for a while. If you desire the clean, fluffy brow look and don't want to pay to get them done, this clear brow glue will act as your personal brow tech by keeping hair in place without gross residue.

Promising review: "I was getting brow laminations but i don’t really have the money to keep doing that nor do i want to spend the money on it. Someone on IG posted about this and i looked up the reviews and thought why not? Firstly a little goes a long way! I put a little too much on at first and my brow was a little white. But the next brow i used a smaller amount and it was perfect! I literally just put it on so i can’t attest to longevity yet but i will update once it’s been on all day! Even if i have to reapply during the day it’s still wayyy cheaper because you’re only using a small amount! So happy i found this" — Amazon customer
A set of resistance exercise bands
Let's face it: Gym memberships and regular exercise classes can be expensive to maintain. And if you don't want to shell out on exercise equipment or a reformer to attempt Pilates at home, resistance bands offer a low-cost alternative to creating the resistance you need to actively engage your muscles.

Promising review: "I was thinking of joining an expensive gym just to continue a physical therapy routine for an atrophied hip. But instead, I got everything I needed to keep my hip in shape for a fraction of the price of my first month at the gym. These bands work for me, and are saving me a lot of money." — aspiring pilgrim
JLab Go Air Pop wireless earbuds
These reviewer-loved wireless earbuds have over 13,000 five-star ratings for a reason. With over 32 hours of total listening time (including the charge from the earbuds and the charging case) and a dual connect feature that lets you listen to both at the same time or one by itself, these earbuds are an affordable option if you don't want to shell out big bucks for other brands. They come in slate blue, black, lilac, red and teal.

Promising review: "I was recommended to get these instead of spending a fortune on big name ear buds. I will say for $20, I have absolutely no regrets on my purchase!! Battery life is wonderful. I use these all the time throughout each day. The sound quality is impressively better than what I would have expected from a cheaper pair of ear buds! They automatically connect to my devices and work as they should! I recommend these to anyone looking to ball on a budget :)" — Chelsey

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