10 Cooling Products That'll Help You Sleep When It's Unbearably Hot

A/C not cutting it? Try one of these items to keep you sweat free while you snooze.
If you wake up sweating, these products are for you.
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If you wake up sweating, these products are for you.

June 2021 was the hottest June in history. Death Valley, California hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit, just 4 degrees shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth.

Hot temperatures like these (thanks to climate change) can affect a host of factors that contribute to your overall health ― including your sleep cycle. In order to get your best night’s rest, sleep experts say your bedroom should be around 67 degrees. So how are we supposed to achieve that in all of this heat ― especially if we don’t have air conditioning or don’t want exceedingly high electric bills?

The good news is that there are some products on the market designed to help you sleep a little cooler, even when your bedroom fan or AC unit isn’t cutting it. Here are a few to try out.

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A cooling headband
Ebb is a wearable sleep solution that wraps around your forehead and delivers targeted cooling technology to the “thinking part of your brain,” the frontal cortex. The company states that studies show "cooling this part of the brain to the ideal temperature calms both the mind and body, which allows you to fall asleep faster and deeper."

Alon Avidan, director of the University of California, Los Angeles Sleep Disorders Center, often recommends the product to his clients. “Cooling of the head to achieve prefrontal hyperthermia may be an effective way to help Improve symptoms of insomnia, particularly when it is triggered by hot bedroom temperatures,” Avidan said. “Cooling techniques may be achieved via devices and also via cooling head pillows.”

Get the Ebb CoolDrift Versa Sleep System for $299.
A fan that goes directly under the covers
Electric fans are limited in how much they can keep you cool, but the bFan gets right to the source. It sits on the floor next to your bed, slips underneath your sheets and blows cool air directly onto you. The fan comes with a wireless remote and can be ordered in two sizes so you can get the best fit.

Get the bFan starting at $184.95.
A cooling eye mask
When it’s hot outside, a regular eye mask can simply add more heat to your face. The NewGO Cooling Eye Mask contains flexible gel beads that keep you cool after you chill the mask in the freezer for a few hours prior to use. They’ll also help to reduce bags under your eyes and may even help calm a headache.

Get the NewGo Cooling Eye Mask starting at $7.19.
A sleep-friendly bedtime treat
Ice cream and a hot summer’s day go hand-in-hand. Nightfood makes ice cream specifically designed for bedtime snacking. Its flavors -- like “Bed and Breakfast” and “Cookies N’ Dreams” -- contain less sugar than other ice creams. It’s also packed with digestive enzymes and a sleep-friendly blend of B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc. The best part? It was developed by sleep experts. NightFood even makes the official ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association, its “Pickles for Two” flavor.

Get Nightfood starting at $5.99 for a pint.
A cooling weighted blanket
Weighted blankets are heavy and can therefore be hot. But the Tranquility Cool-to-the-Touch Blanket is infused with the brand’s trademarked BlueCool Technology, which tempers your body heat as you sleep to keep you at a comfortable temperature. It comes in both a 15- and 20-pound weight.

Get the Tranquility Cool-to-the-Touch Blanket starting at $39.97.
A comforter that turns down the heat a few notches
Many duvets are filled with down feathers that keep you a little too toasty in the summer. Slumber Cloud's lightweight comforter is designed specifically to help you sleep on warm nights. It absorbs, stores and releases excess heat and is designed to wick moisture away from your body.

Get the Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter starting at $159.
A cooling pillow for your knees
Many side sleepers like to have a pillow between their knees as they snooze (it also eases back pain) -- but an extra pillow in the bed can make things especially toasty. The Abco Tech Memory Foam Knee Pillow with Cooling Gel is infused with nontoxic gel that helps to keep you cool throughout the nighttime. It’s ergonomically designed to also support your spine and prioritize good posture.

Get the Abco Memory Foam Pillow for $19.97.
A mattress topper designed to eliminate heat
It’s not just your sheets and blankets that can make you hot -- your mattress topper might also be contributing. Molecule’s ArcticLux 3” memory foam mattress topper is made with cooling fibers and the brand’s convoluted memory foam, which is designed to allow more airflow to regulate your temperature while you sleep.

Get the Molecule ArcticLux 3” Cooling Memory Foam Topper starting at $129.
A gel pillow that keeps your head cool
This pillow is topped with cooling gel that not only provides head and neck support but to also keeps you from getting sweaty when lying in bed at night. It’s made from memory foam, comes in standard queen size and has a washable knit cover.

Get the Allswell Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow with Removable Cover starting at $40.
Sheets that keep you from becoming sweaty
If you sleep so hot that even the sheets are causing issues, fear not. “The Regulator” sheets by My Sheets Rock are specifically designed to “keep you cool when you’re at your hottest.” They help with temperature regulation, wick away moisture and feel silky on your skin. And bonus: These sheets come with a 90-day risk-free trial and a lifetime guarantee.

Get The Regulator Sheets by My Sheets Rock starting at $139.

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