Products That Are Out Of This World Cool

Products That Are Out Of This World Cool
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You know it, we know it. We are drawn to that awe-factor of products that we just can’t help buy want. Desperately. We scoured through the Internet to find our coolest picks—we think you think so too.

The James Brand Selling one-of-a-kind, legendary pocket knives, James has a variety of knife sets that truly slay. Their signature Folsom Black + Black is gorgeous, with a blade that resists corrosion and a steel liner-lock that makes this knife, a blade of a lifetime. And of course, it’s sharp too.

Trivoly If there were any piece of tech that seemed truly magical, it’s the Trivoly, with the ability to make any watch, a smartwatch. How could that be, you might ask. This little disc is small yet mighty, with the ability to act as a fitness tracker, phone notifications, and even control your music. With the Trivoly disc, your life can become a bit more streamlined and still, let you use your favorite watch.

Trivae The simple device makes cooking a breeze by giving you extra counterspace when you need it the most. Trivae elevates your plates, lids, and pans without fail to make sure you’re on top of your cooking. We loved using it for those lids that become condensation-making machines when cooking. Save yourself time and get a Trivae.

SlimPort The Nano Console turns your smartphone into a smart TV. By connecting your phone to any display, you are able transfer what your viewing on your phone to a larger screen. Making your phone into a portable computer, you are able to control your screen with the accompanying remote control that lets you make your selections, present your slides, even play games. It’s the adapter to beat all other adapters.

Viator Gear The armor for RFID, Viator Gear keeps your information safe from hackers and thieves by protecting against identity theft the best way possible—through exclusive military tech used by the White House. Their travel gear is supported by professionals around the globe, and for good reason. Using high tenacity nylon, these wallets are not only safe, they’re durable and slim, perfect for traveling.

Alkilu The TripLit by Alkilu offers the perfect alternative to bulk flashlights with their rechargeable, thin OLED light. With 30 hours of unstoppable, bright light per charge, Alkilu is perfect to throw in a backpack or car for any situation. With it’s yoga-like flexibility, Alkilu’s TripLit can be hung, balanced and bent to fit in whatever nook and cranny you so please. This is truly a winner.

Emberlight If transforming your home into a smarthome seems daunting, start small. Emberlight offers easy solutions to start taking digital control of your home. With the Emberlight socket, you can transform any lightbulb into a smart light, controllable through your phone. The combination of easy setup and a dimmable bulb make this the perfect transition product to start infusing tech into your day-to-day lives. For every time that you found that sweet spot in bed but forget to turn off the bathroom light, Emberlight has your back.

FOBO The most advanced tire-pressure monitoring system out there on the market, FOBO makes it easy with their 24/7 monitoring system that keeps you up to date on your wheels. This DIY kit is easy and secure, and is registered to your personal account meaning no one else can try to take it and use it. It also comes with in-car monitoring system so that even without your phone, you are still in the know.

Car Butler While on the topic of cars, the Car Butler wooden coat hanger is the staple that should be in every car to keep your clothes looking sharp and wrinkle-free. By resting on the car’s seat, you are able to hang up even the heaviest winter coat without fail and without trying to mess around with those sneaky hooks above the door frame.

Suzak The designer chair by QTSO offers an easy, convenient solution for bulky, uncomfortable chairs. Sporting both fun and comfortable design, this chair is also easy to assemble and perfect for lounging around. Great for offices and even better for living rooms, this piece of furniture is a conversation starter for sure.

VOXOA These HD Wireless headsets are perfect to hear immersive sounds, with all the mobility in the world. Able to connect to smartphones, computers, laptops and tv’s, you are able to bring the sound with you, without having to adjust the volume to deafening levels. The headphones are comfortable with amazing sound quality that you won’t want to take off.

Gramofon A WiFi music player that turns your existing sound system into a streaming hub, the Gramofon is a necessity for any home. Working with your favorite music services like Spotify, letting you stream and play with a click of a button. Also powered by QualComm AllPlay, you can group multiple Gramofons together to create a multi-room streaming masterpiece.

Poze A posture coach that doesn’t require wires, apps, or charging—Poze is the greatest solution that takes a simplistic approach to make massive change. By making posture training effortless, this approach makes it so that anyone is not only able to make change, but is motivated to. With a simple device as small as a button, every time you slouch it will buzz and reinforce you to sit up straight.

diPotter diPotter lights are truly magnificient—with their signature column lighting, you can light up bottles with ease. The coolest feature is learning how to change the lighting’s color, turning it on-and-off; simply rotate the light 90 degrees and twist. This technology is jaw-droppingly creative and fun, and will add a little extra oomph to your dining table and wine racks.

TaboLap The portable workstation that transforms from bag to table, TaboLap makes it easy to do work on the go. With features like a cellphone holder and cup holder, you can do your work freely without fumbling papers and devices everywhere on your lap. Easily attached to you carry-on bag or slipped into your backpack, TaboLap is the best solution for the traveling businessman and woman.

BOx The world’s first and only smart bottle opener, BOx seamlessly pops the caps off bottles and lets you share the experience on social media with all of your friends. This smooth bottle opening is matched by none and the extra smart twist is what makes the device one of a kind and a home bar necessity.

Breville Custom Loaf When all you crave is carbs, carbs, carbs—you look to Breville for their signature, custom loaf bread maker. Whoever thought bread-making could be this easy. With plain and simple steps laid out to you and an LED screen to monitor the whole process, fresh-baked bread can now be enjoyed from oven to table in the comforts of your own home. Small enough to fit on your counter but powerful enough to whip up one great loaf, Breville’s breadmaker is the one to look for as it leads the pack.

The Element Offered by JDS Labs, The Element truly elevates sound. Rated positively by audiophiles all over the country, The Element simplifies your desktop audio experience and delivers it in a seamlessly minimalistic package with one solid device. Despite its size, The Element emits truly breathtaking power and amplification.

Sleepace Sleepace’s Nox Music is a smart light that helps you sleep better. Designed to track, monitor and improve your sleep, Nox helps you fall asleep to soothing sounds and light, and wake you up naturally. The Nox serves as a speaker, sleep consultant, and light all-in-one making sure your every night sleep is amazing.

G-Tech Hand Warmers Instead of the disposable hand warmers that barely work as is, check out G-Tech’s Hand Warmers that is battery powered to keep you warm in a flash. Designed initially for athletes, G-Tech has stumbled its way into the frozen hands of you and I to keep us warm all winter long. G-Tech is the easiest way to warm yourself so you can enjoy the activities you want to do, like ice-fishing, skiing, and building snowmen.

Nuts and Woods The Marble Side Table offered by Nuts and Woods is a limited edition run that adds a bit of class and a modern edge to your room. Its simplistic yet elegant, perfect for an entrance or stairwell. The quality is also spot-on and can match any sort of decor without fail and effortlessly uplift any room.

Flex Watch Watches with a cause, Flex Watch wants to change the world with its story. With each color supporting a different cause, this amazing versatile collection will make you want to have one in every color to match any outfit, all while helping others. Supporting charities from breast cancer to veterans to hunger, Flex Watch is a true social impact company that is making a difference with every purchase. It’s always great to have a backstory on the things you wear, and Flex provides the perfect one, 10 great causes.

Kore Essentials The #1 fashion accessory of all-time, Kore brings TrakLine ratchet system belts to consumers worldwide with their 800% more adjustable belts that form fit to any size. With gorgeous belt buckles perfect for business and pleasure, Kore has truly perfected the belt game and evolutionized it well past any normal accessories company

Jason Ratliff Art For amazing prints and stellar artwork, look to that of Jason Ratliff. His designs are stunning and perfect additions to any room. We love the superhero prints that are inspiring for any kid. The colors of his work are crisp and bright that shine light into any ordinary room. Check out all of his pieces in his artwork gallery.

FRESHeTECH The shower speakers by FRESHeTECH are absolute lifesavers. For every time your dripping hand pops out through the curtains to increase the volume or change the song, endangering the dry sanctity of your smartphone, look to FRESHeTECH. With crisp sound even through the roar of the shower, this company has got its audio systems down to a science. Completely waterproof, you can even take calls while taking your sweet time in the shower. With these SplashTunes your showers are about to get even more pleasant and relaxing.

Iron Chest Master A fitness system that received a nearly 5 star rating on Amazon, the Iron Chest Master is simply the best. With the ability to change resistance on the classic exercise, push-ups, the Iron Chest Master is able to build muscle and help you get lean, fast. Build the perfect chest with this tool that can be easily stored and just as easily used.

Puttskee From the garages of Arizona to your home, Puttskee is a handmade dual golf and skeeball machine, all-in-one. Combining the best and favorite parts of both of these games, the Puttskee can be played outdoors during family picnics and barbeques, or brought inside for masterful practice. We loved playing with the Puttskee, making it the perfect ice-breaker and America’s next best hobby.

Bitterman Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses Perfect for just the right, feel good shot of tequila, Bitterman brings to you the Himalayan Sea Salt shot glasses, for real tequila lovers. Their thought, why keep rimming the glass when you can make the whole glass of salt? We agreed. Just remember, they’re 100% salt. So there’s not excuse not to down that drink fast.

Bump Charger We all hate extra wires, we know you do too. That’s why Bump created a charger that removes a middle-man and let’s you plug the portable battery charger, right into the wall. Accessorized with its easily wrapped charging cord set, you can power your Android or iPhone device on-the-go, without unnecessary wires along the way. With its quick charging technology, Bump Charger is surely the one to throw in your bag for any trip.

Randal Ford We wanted artwork that eyes were immediately drawn to. That’s how we found Randal Ford. An award-winning editorial photographer, Randal Ford has a collection of pieces that are truly fitting for any home. Kingdom by Randal Ford brings the best of animals to your walls with adorable prints that make you feel like the animal is actually there. Perfect conversation starters and perfect additions to your wall. Who wouldn’t want that monkey genius in their office?

The Bike Valet Co. Looking for easy cycling storage for the urban cyclist? The Bike Valet Co. has it figured out. Their easily mounted bike mount is made out of structural aluminum with a minimalist design to show off your bicycle. Perfect for apartments and small homes that need to maximize space efficiency, The Bike Valet Co. is one of the kind and makes storage solutions easy.

Fermentium The Fermentium Home Pickling Setup Kit is the easiest way to start pickling at home. Fermentation can be difficult, but not with Fermentium. With easy set-up in a container that can easily pass as storage on your kitchen counter, any pickling enthusiasts should look no further than this for making sauerkraut, kimchi, whatever your tastebuds desire.

Cubelets Who knew that teaching robots could be as easy as a few cubes? Cubelets may not be as simple as your average square, but what it does do is inspire and teach kids as young as four how to build and play with robots. With its easy and engaging interface, children can learn how to code while playing at the same time—a true win-win situation. We loved how easy the Cubelets were to use and we were even learning along the way.

Consol Consol brings you sunshine in a jar with four solar powered LEDs that let you power your way through the night, sustainably. This high-tech product was made with love from South Africa made of 70% local materials and 100% local people. A truly beautiful product that will add decor to your balcony, backyard, or bedroom.

Funky Veg Kit The Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre gives you all the necessities to start growing some truly crazy, out of the world looking produce. From purple carrots to striped tomatoes, you’ll start having a line down the block waiting to try your sweet, exotic veggies that no one else will have. FYI, purple carrots=the next kale.

Eone Revolutionizing the watch game is Eone Time, a new way to read time. This truly minimalistic watch dropped the hands and instead used two metal ball bearings, you can tell the time just by the touch of your fingertips. The perfect way to discreetly tell time or a watch for the visually impaired, Eone Time is not only functional, it looks pretty damn cool.

Blue Pine Light With their line of 3D illusion lights, Blue Pine is a true innovation for home decor. We love the colors, shapes and sizes these lights come with. Easy to set up and a great aesthetic for any room, Blue Pine should definitely be your next purchase.

Rowkin The world’s smallest Bluetooth headphones, Rowkin takes after the Apple earpods except they are better, with amazing sound quality and a great docking system that will let you charge on the go. With amazing sound quality and great stereo sound, Rowkin lets you listen to music without the wires and without the hassle.

G-RO The most popular crowd-funded carry-on bag raised over $4.5 million. Introducing, G-RO. G-RO is inventing the wheel of sorts, with their all-terrain, lighter, more durable carry-on bag. Features of this all-in-one carry-on include 2 USB port charging dock, waterproof bottoms, TSA locks, and a tracker. The G-RO power is my personal favorite, with a 23,400 mAH battery and a selection of voltage from 9 to 20V. The G-RO is a fully revolutionized carry-on that hopes to make packing and traveling easy for everyone involved.

Terra Core A balance trainer that has all the tools necessary to improve your stability and agility, Terra Core offers the best of the best that you can use as a stand-alone or add resistance bands and dumbbells to increase the intensity. Using Terra Core as a weight-loss tool will be your best move yet as it builds your core and abdominal muscles.

Blips Turn your smartphone into a microscope with Blips, the world’s thinnest micro and macro lenses to peer into your world. With a flexible film you place over your smartphone camera lense, you are able to enter the microscopic world and see it all through your camera app. Blips is so small and easy to use that you can store it in your back pocket and explore nature and the world around you. It’s absolutely insane what small details you can detect with Blips.

NuBryte A home automation hub that works for you, the NuBryte is a home touchscreen that syncs to your smart home and smart phone devices giving you control over things like lights, security, even Amazon Alexa. Working as a family hub that can keep you connected, the NuBryte is a necessity for anyone with home automation devices looking for a way to connect them all.

Lina Furniture Moons The most versatile of furniture, Lina Moons are cushions that you can transform anyway you’d like. Start off with a standalone lounger and upgrade with a few more Moons to create a couch. Add one more Moon and now you have a fort. The possibilities are endless with these extremely plush, extremely comfortable loungers that are easy to maneuver. Lina Moons are the toy building blocks of loungers.

Chef’n Peeler For a heavy duty, solid fruit and vegetable peeler, look to Chef’n. With their 3-in-1 peeler you an move from straight to serrated to julienne blades all in a snap. Sharp blades and an easy to grip handle, makes the Chef’n peeler will be the only one you’ll need in the kitchen.

Boon Glo The nightlight that you can take with you, Boon Glo is a nightlight with portable glow in the dark balls. Perfect for taking trips to the bathroom at night or for your kids to play around with. Boon Glo’s switch lets you change the LED lighting through a rainbow of colors that will always match your mood.

Mason Pearson Hairbrush A hairbrush that will feel luxurious on any locks of hair, Mason Pearson hairbrushes are notorious for their effects on hair leaving it shiny and healthy. With durability you can depend on, Mason Pearson products can last decades without fail allowing you to painlessly untangle hair in minutes, no matter how unruly your hair may be. Using this brush has made my hair less prone to tangling, easier to manage, and has made it soft and shiny for the whole day. Two thumbs up for Mason Pearson.

Somnova Somnova makes an anti-snore mat that works. This non-invasive snoring intervention gently pushes you to sleep on your side through two inflatable airbags that bulge slowly, gently pushing your sleep position without waking you up. Great for snorers and even great for those sleeping next to the snorers.

Lojel For all of you jet-setters, you need a bag that you can count on. That’s why we found Cubo by Lojel, the perfect traveling companions to fit all of your necessities. After searching for hours and hours through the web trying to find the most lightweight and versatile luggage sets, we’ve found it: Lojel. With scratch-proof casing and large capacity, you’ll want to know how you ever traveled without it.

Innova Fitness An inversion table that can easily fit in your home, Innova Fitness’s heavy duty system is great for inversion therapy. With easy positioning and quick set-up, Innova helps users of nearly all shapes and sizes to help resolve chronic pain. Replace the bill of a chiropractor with this inversion table and it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Evrchill The company that has reformulated the thermos, Evrchill has created the Tungsten thermos. Features including a double wall, vacuum sealed technology that keeps your beverages both cold or hot. That combined with the tungsten materials keep it easier to regulate temperature inside, no matter the outside. Tungsten with its high melting point ensures that your thermos does not warp or break due to the heat of the liquids you put inside. Instead, you’ll have a container that will last years and years.

Nanoleaf Aurora This was one of the products we were most excited for, and it did not disappoint. The Aurora by Nanoleaf sports LED panel triangles that, when arranged together, can create beautiful wall designs you won’t want to take your eyes off of. With literally millions of possible color combinations and designs, the Aurora will surely never leave you bored or become a sight for sore eyes and instead inspire you to keep making beautiful light creations in your home.

DB Longboards Longboard Manufactured in Seattle, WA just north of Puget Sound comes DB Longboards, beautiful skate decks made of premium and sustainable materials. With their website, you can design custom board that fit all of your needs and style choices for anyone looking to get into the skateboard business.

Bakerstone The pizza oven that fits on your grill Bakerstone gives you the opportunity to think inside the box and make gourmet pizzas that taste like it was straight out of Italy. With the ability to cook not only pizzas but also roast meat and vegetables, you’ll be using this Bakerstone well throughout the year. Our pies that we made were cooked to perfection simply due to the ease and control offered by Bakerstone.

Coros Smart Helmet This smart LINX helmet is a necessity for all cyclists. With the ability to connect to your smartphone, Coros allows you to listen to music, take calls, and hear navigation all through open-ear bone-conduction technology and a wind-resistant mic. Don’t waste your precious time outdoors fumbling with earbud wires or trying to get Bluetooth headphones to stay on. We loved Coros because it simplified our lives when we were biking through nature, a time when simplicity beats all. Check out all 4 of their beautiful colors.

Cuisinart Nonstick 17 Piece Set Cuisinart is a brandname we all know and love and their nonstick cookware set is second to none. Their 17-piece cookware set covers it all form sauce pans to skillets to steamers to keep your kitchen up and running with nothing holding it back, including sticky foods. With easy clean and easy, even temperature cooking, this set is sure to set your kitchen on fire, and only in the best possible way with delicious meals and pots so pretty you’ll want to display them.

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