ProEnglish Group Has Trouble Writing Proper English

English-Only Group Has Trouble Writing Proper English

When MSNBC reported this week that the federal government would provideinformation about Obamacare by phone in 150 languages, ProEnglish sprang into action. The organization -- dedicated to requiring the government to communicate to its citizens in English only --called on its supporters to tell Congress "to STOP the taxpayer funding of costly and unnecessary Obamacare translators!"

But reading over the action alert, we noticed that the advocacy group could benefit from stronger editing. ProEnglish couldn't immediately be reached for comment on its error-ridden press materials, but our Spanish-speaking editors combed over them to offer some suggestions and help this English-only group improve its use of this country's most commonly spoken language.

We believe the word they were searching for was "language."
No Caps Necessary
No reason to capitalize the words "likely" or "voters" here.
Improper Use Of Hyphens
We suggest revising to "ProEnglish Supports Suspended Nursing Student Who Asked Her Classmates To Speak English."
Wrong Punctuation
Quotations within quotes receive single quotation marks.
This One Has A Couple Of Problems
We realize "la raza" is actually Spanish (it means "the race"), so we can let that slide -- but we draw the line at subject-verb disagreement.
When maligning people with the modifier "illegal," take care to run spell check.

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