Professor Bans Fox News As Source In Class At West Liberty University, Then Rescinds Ban

Professor Bans Using Fox News In Class For A Hot Second

Stephanie Wolfe, a political science professor at West Liberty University in West Virginia, is walking back a ban on using Fox News as a source for a class assignment, Inside Higher Ed is reporting.

Local television stations initially reported that Wolfe, who is filling in for another faculty member on leave, distributed a syllabus for an unspecified course that, according to Fox News, reads:

DO NOT use

1) The Onion -- this is not news this is literally a parody

2) Fox News -- The tagline "Fox News" makes me cringe. Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from the Onion

WTOV9 reports parents began contacting local media and the university to complain that the policy was unfair.

Dave Bloomquist, a radio host at WWVA-AM, said he received complaints from parents via email [the segment begins at approximately the 31-minute mark]. When Bloomquist reached out to Wolfe, she insisted it was only a suggestion not to use Fox News.

Since the backlash, Wolfe has reversed course and will allow students to use Fox News as part of the assignment. (No word on whether The Onion has gotten the okay.)

"This is a case where we obviously have a concern, because as much as we will protect the academic freedom of the professor, we'll also protect the academic freedom of our students to go out and find as many sources as possible," WLU president Robin Capehart said on Fox News Thursday. "So obviously we were concerned."

Wolfe did not return a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

Fox News viewers came to the defense of the network, leaving comments on the Fox Nation website such as "This is how it began in Germany" and "Come on parents fight against the indoctrination of your children."

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