Professor Behind Thai Sex Tourism Site Digs Himself Deeper

Let's say you were a professor at a public university, and let's say you were a fan of Thai sex tourism.

I know. But stay with me here.

Let's say you were a professor at a public university, and let's say you were a fan of Thai sex tourism. Let's say you were SUCH a fan of Thai sex tourism that you created a whole website about it.

Let's say you gave your readers advice on how get Thai prostitutes to reduce their rates, and suggestions about how to convince them to let you have unprotected sex. Let's say you offered tips on how to approach "emotionally vulnerable girls," including "bruised up girls mired in abusive relationships," and imagined "good hearted ... hard bodied exquisitely breasted and nippled" young women ending up "black eyed, bruised up, and beaten" by their pimps as a result of your advice.

Let's say you directed your readers to strip clubs and brothels where they would be likely to find underaged sex workers. Let's say you met a 15-year-old prostitute at one of these clubs, bought her ice cream, and then posted her GPS coordinates on the web. Let's say you provided alcohol to another underaged prostitute, and posted her photo and the name and location of the club where she worked on your site.

Let's say you rhapsodized about the sexual availability of these adolescent prostitutes, describing one brothel as having the atmosphere of "a high school slumber party" at which "banging the girls is easy and guaranteed." Let's say you assured your readers that behavior that would get you "brought up on sexual harassment charges if you are a high school teacher" in the United States "is expected, welcomed, and A-OK" in Thailand clubs.

Let's say your university found out about all of this. Let's say stories about it made the national media.

And let's say that somehow, incredibly, you managed to keep your job.

You'd probably keep your mouth shut, right? You'd probably do everything in your power to make sure that nobody ever mentioned the whole sordid mess ever again, right?

Meet Kenneth Ng, Associate Professor of Economics at California State University Northridge.