Do College Professors Have The Least Stressful Jobs In America? (VIDEO)

A controversial new survey from insists college professors have the least stressful job in America.

The ranking, reported on with endorsement by Forbes magazine, upset a lot of people in higher education, prompting a Twitter hashtag #RealForbesProfessors to list the challenges of their profession.

Responding to the criticism, Forbes writer Susan Adams issued a lengthy addendum highlighting commenters' outraged responses, and the magazine published a rebuttal on its own website from contributor David Kroll who said "I was extremely surprised and, frankly, disappointed that Adams would write such a misguided article."

Kroll joined HuffPost Live along with other professors and host Marc Lamont Hill (who teaches at Columbia University) for a discussion on it.

Do they have it easy or do we underestimate intellectual labor? Watch the highlights of the discussion on HuffPost Live in the video above or click here for the full length version.



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